A Tough Week

We said goodbye to my father in the early hours this morning.

He was 75, and a very loveable man. I will be back to post about him soon.

On Saturday, only days after I turned fifty, I had to do the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I went to the doctor and gave instructions on behalf of my family to turn off life support and make him comfortable.

We could not stand the options of him suffering any longer.

His passing is not directly COVID related. Indirectly, yes, as he should have seen his doctor earlier in the spring than he did. Between his not wanting to disturb people, and the lockdown in the spring having most medical appointments going virtual, there may have been treatments better suited for his cancer had they moved earlier.


Typical of my father, however, he waited until early this morning. Yesterday was our youngest’s birthday, and the last thing any of us wanted was her to have to associate that to the day her grandfather passed as well.

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