Can’t Stop Thinking Big

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This was not an easy piece to write…however, as one of my favourite quotes from the 2009 J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek goes:

“What is necessary is never unwise.” – Sarek

Hi there.

My name is Chris and I am a writer.

All together now, “HI CHRIS!”

It took longer to get to this point than expected…but here we are.

Two weeks from last night, my first novel will be released on Kindle. Just Prey – Savannah Book One (Facebook event is here…and there will be prizes) will be out just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, that’s coincidence. I’d never actually do of such a thing a thing on purpose.

That said, please feel free to pre-order by clicking on the right hand cover seen on the right panel of this page. Pre-orders make me giggle and happy…I must admit. And just imagine how much happier Valentine’s Day will be if you have a copy of my book?…well, it could be much happier O_o

Have a few already and being it is a first novel I was actually kidding when I listed it for pre-order.

The Savannah stories were first conceived during plans for a work trip to Savannah, Georgia in June of 2013…making it twenty months since an alien succubus named Savannah made her very first appearance on these pages. She was not meant to be the main character of that story…in fact, she was not even meant to be alien, at first.

Savannah first appeared in a short from the “Songbirds” series called “Who Can It Be Now?”. Songbirds always featured a song that played or was thought of while writing each piece and then each short story was named after that song. The Songbirds project was planned out months prior to making these pages. That particular short was named after the old Men At Work tune.

Savannah was to be a sideline character, along with her buddy Gerald, leaving Nigel and Sheila as series mains. It didn’t quite turn out as planned. Recurring had been the intent, but that was it.

Her premier short was written up to where Savannah is riding Gerald…and I write erotica, so of course I say that completely matter-of-fact…and then the issue of how to end the story popped up.

Would I just have the scene fade out as I had with most?

Would I have it all be a dream?

Would I do something that would twist the story on its ear?

Who am I kidding? Of course, I did the latter…and it didn’t work. I hated my original ending to that one. That ending was quickly erased and then I jokingly typed out two lines before I went to bed that night…

The room grew to the level of daylight as Savannah exploded faster and faster down onto Gerald until, with one last scream…there was a flash, lightning like…and all fell dark.

As eyes adjusted, all stared at Gerald sitting there…his condom full of his sperm, and his head obviously full of confused thoughts.

NEW PLAN! The lines would be erased the next day and I would fix the story. Seriously, how would someone vanish mid-fuck and, more importantly, why would she do that?

Well…the story was never “fixed”…and suddenly the focus was off the Songbirds and squarely on the shoulders of a certain alien brunette succubus who was designed to look like a character on the late-70s sitcom, Soap. One hint on that point…

“Corinne, Corinne, Corinne!”

So why am I sharing this?

This website has been home to most of my writing for the last three and a half years. Thanks to me not finding a better ending to that particular short story, this is about to evolve.

Right now there are three additional projects on my scope after Just Prey releases.

Let’s start with Savannah. By the end of 2015, I am hoping to have book two released…which is likely the most ambitious of any of these potential projects being shared here. As this little blurb is typed out, book two has a working title and is about 15,000 words in. Like book one, I’d like it to be around 42,000 words…*rolls eyes innocently* for no particular reason. (and taking out the title page, credits page and author bio leaves book one at 42,979 words, btw…)

The second project is The Chronicles of Fifi (Facebook event is here), which is already set for release on July 1, 2015. Not certain this will be more than a one-off. I love Fifi, but he’s a character that came from my second divorce…and being I’m no longer that man (eight years is a long time), I have trouble writing in that tone now. That said, he may evolve yet.

Third is a yet unnamed project that may, or may not, involve an old character on this site. Just an idea I’m toying with and have floated a few story ideas to my laptop. So far the laptop seems to like the ideas. And, perhaps a hint to those who’ve been reading here a while, this is a character that I love to torture and toy with.

The order of these is not set in stone. Only timing guarantee is that Savannah Two will be after Fifi. Project Three, if it goes, will be in shorter “novella” forms and may randomly show up as cheap nibbles on Kindle.

Point is, this site is about to evolve. Instead of me sitting down to fire off a thousand word short, the focus is shifting to the longer format. There will still be shorts as I play with my favourite memes. However, there will be a return to what this site was originally started as…a blog…discussing these aforementioned projects along with future ones, and other non-fiction things that I may decide to “shoot the shit” on.

Been much too long since I’ve done a stream of consciousness rant on here.

Thank you all for reading…something I don’t say often enough, I fear.

It has been such a fun ride for me so far, and the future really looks interesting. 2015 is only 28 days old and already looks like one of the most exciting years I have experienced professionally in my 42 (plus 3) years on this planet.

“In a world where I feel so small, I can’t stop thinking big!” – Rush, Caravan

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