Evolution and Other Stranded Plans for World Domination

As I hit the post button we are about to board our US Airways flight to Philadelphia for our connection to London before our drive with Molly and Michael to Bristol.

We have been warned that Molly’s car is small, so hoping @MrsStranded and I packed light enough.

Oh, right…knew I forgot to mention…I have been packed since Sunday.

Was a bit over excited about all that was happening. That plus the fact of having no time with being busy with my teen daughters on Monday and a class that @MrsStranded and I take on Tuesday.

Normal stuff, you know.

Wait, I forgot to explain something else. Dammit. What did I forget?

Oh yes, from now on @strandedGF shall be forever known as @MrsStranded. Evolution, my friends…Rings by MrsStranded

Did I not mention the wedding? Did I not mention the massive church service with thousands of guests, virgin sacrifices, a blimp, Rob Ford’s drunken blessing and the trained panda riding a unicycle?

Okay, took that too far with the panda, didn’t I?

Eleven this morning with two friends to witness and a wedding officient that said, “Sign here.”…that was it. We have given up singlehood for lent.

Pfft…who am I kidding, I gave up lent altogether in the early 90s.

Then a nice lunch and a ride to the airport.

In unrelated news, Eroticon 2014 has become our honeymoon. We have every intent to become the couple that, by the end of the conference on Sunday, has everyone else rolling their eyes due to our lovey dovey actions…plus, with the orgy we’re orchestrating for, they’ll be rolling their eyes for other reasons.

Suppose that is more crossing their eyes from the orgasms…we’ll have photo evidence later.

This evidence is more for avoiding the problems that have plagued events such as Woodstock. It is hard to be a legitimate happening when millions claim to be there that were not. Besides, at what point does an orgy become too populated? No, not a trick question. I was hoping one of you might know. Not knowing how big the hotel rooms are, it is a bit…..um…

Sorry, seems I am good almost as good at digressing as I am at procrastinating.

What does this all mean?

Means instead of swinging with my girlfriend, henceforth I will swing with my wife.

It means we’re now doing taxes for two.

It means that she got me…and I’m a very lucky man.


  1. Oh my, this is just fabulous! Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. You are married! You are going on honeymoon and I will be able to congratulate you on your wedding. IN PERSON!! In a couple of hours. This is just soooo great! Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you!

    Rebel xox

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