Rough Patch

The month of February 2014 has not been a stellar one.

Has been a rough patch for Laura (@strandedGF) and I but, waking up this morning, the bright end of this tunnel has begun to focus.

By rough patch, not suggesting we, as a couple, are having issues. Quite the contrary. After this month, I suspect we will be closer than ever. Due to Laura working on a project for a little known overseas sporting event, our schedules have been chaotic.

It began two weeks ago yesterday when, due to a last minute staffing change, rehearsals began for Laura. In the sixteen days since, she has worked fifteen hour shifts twelve times, and ten-plus hour shifts three of them. One day she slacked off and only worked seven…of course that was her scheduled day off that was abruptly cancelled.

This, of course, means I have had her kids every evening and that entire first weekend. They are great kids, but I am still the new guy and they are not used to me, nor I to them. Unlike my teen daughters, these two dud not grow up with me. To say I have been stressed over this time puts it mildly. Combine all of this with a good snowstorm last week as I attempted to get the kids from daycare through nasty traffic and it has not been fun at all.

All things considered, my stress level is well below Laura’s through all of this, but it has been a trying time for both of us.

This past weekend her kids were with their father. Watching how tired Laura is, however, has kept me from relaxing. Yesterday I was really concerned about her.

One would expect, having that weekend to myself would lead to plenty of rest and writing work. Through all of this, however, my creative juices have dried up. Over the past two weeks everything I have worked on came from old drafts. I simply have not been able to concentrate enough to write anything worthwhile. Yesterday between loads of laundry I stared at a blank screen for an hour, began three posts, deleted them all, and finally gave up.

Then, this morning happened…the smoke cleared, the clouds pushed aside…

I awoke with what could be a brilliant idea.

My second thought was the realization that this week gets better. Laura’s hours, over the next six days, get easier. Also, two weeks from tomorrow two big things happen…one being us in the air en route to Eroticon in Bristol.

Suffice, my entire system has suddenly relaxed. Still exhausted, but…

Okay, still a little stress as three weeks from Thursday I go under the knife to end my child-producing potential. Do not think I had mentioned, but the appointment is set for two days after we are home from Bristol.

So, now I am going to do something I did at the end of 2012. As of now, I am closing all of my current series…except one (Infinite Monkey). When home tonight my draft file will be cleared and a fresh start will begin later this week with my post for Kink of the Week.

When I did this in 2012 I said it was the end for all those characters…then I brought a few back. Figure something similar will happen now. Have no current thoughts of continuing any of these characters, but not ruling anything out.

And that’s it.. for now. As always, thank you for reading and, though I have no details to share yet, I suspect something good out of this newest idea once I begin working out the details.

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