A Top Sex Blogger?

Little ole’ me? Seriously?Top Sex Blogger 2013

Who did I sleep with to get this honor?

Seems my site is #63 on Rori’s list…and I would like to thank you for even the nominations.

I really did not see this coming.

I mean, it is not #42, but…maybe I should set 42 as my goal for 2014! That’s it…a goal!!!

More serious, I am honored to be listed among those on the list. I know most…have met a few…and will be meeting a few more in Bristol cum March, hopefully. Please click the little picture on your right (my left) to see the other bloggers.

Will be continuing on the current track my stories seem to be running on and hopefully this is the right one. It certainly feels good and…thanks to you, I seem to have an audience that enjoys it.

So, as thanks…how about a song? I never use music on my blog (the man lies), so how about a good Canadian song…

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