Beware! There Be Canadians Traveling to Bristol for #Eroticon2014

Black and white night time shot of Bristol, UK, Photo by crabchick

It is official, we (@strandedGF and myself) are going to Bristol for Eroticon 2014. Flight is booked, hotel is set (for Bristol, at least), and we are ready to go.

I know how excited you must all be about this…no?…none of you at all?  Damn.

Of course, now we must wait four months before we actually do anything.

Plan has us flying to Heathrow via Philadelphia…as somehow that is cheaper than flying direct from Toronto…arriving on March 6 for a two-hour car ride with friends to Bristol.

At least there are no three-hour tours at sea involved.

That leaves us with a night of play before the conference begins…something that we missed in Atlanta for Eroticon USA last year as we basically went straight from the airport to the conference kickoff. Then the two-day conference follows with all the kit, caboodle and orgies (hopefully) that it may entail. March 10 we drive back with said friends again for one night in London before we return home.

It is all very exciting.Eroticon, Bristol, UK, March 8 and 9, 2014

We were hoping to also add-on a quick side-trip to Dublin, where my family is from, but simply could not afford the extra flights involved.

Still, will be the first time I set foot in the UK, and this has me already working out story ideas…as strange as that sounds. Something about the mystique of England and Ireland always lends itself to cyberpunk notions in my head, so it is a safe bet that notes will be taken for future writings here if nothing else.

Funny, but of the British that I know…for once, I do not believe they need to be warned that we are coming. In fact, they will likely expect the snowballs that we will be packing in our suitcases.

Of course that is a euphemism.

Being this is an expensive trip, and going out on a bit of a limb booking it ahead of time like this, I humbly remind you of our request to Help to Destination Bristol that is still in play. In fact, if you were kind enough to help us with a $25 donation I offer a 500-800 word story with you as the main character…or side character…of course if the donation is anonymous, well, that makes this moot. Just an idea…and I promise, I will not bite too hard.

Now, about that orgy…being we still need a hotel for that one night in London…

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  1. Oh wow, fabulous that everything is in place now. We will be in Bristol on Thursday too, so who knows, maybe we can hook up with you two and your friends. I am curious to know in which hotel you guys will be 🙂

    Rebel xox

    PS: You cannot imagine how much I look forward to meeting you!

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