On Writing Eros: Sensual Ideas

Brunette wearing collar being pulled by black glove, Photo by Julian PoveyWhere do all these blasted ideas come from?

This question was recently asked in the comments on my story Lost In the Snow.

“The story so far:  In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”  – Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

We all, of course, have our own frame of reference on where our ideas come from. Mine comes from a heavy science fiction/fantasy and humor pop culture background combined with an Irish Catholic somewhat liberal upbringing and a severe need for the occasional power nap. Add to this a love of American football and hockey and…poof…these are the seeds for the ideas you read now.

Odd, true, as none of this suggests sensuality. A hunch would say that the erotica ideas began with my movement away from religion as my mind grasped on to the more blasphemous and taboo subject to work with.

But that is just a hunch.

“I need to write to be happy.” – Nora Roberts

The stories usually are spawned from one simple question…what if…?

For example, with the current movement towards more adult viewing on cable television shows, what if they did a story on a fictional pornstar as portrayed by a method actor? This was the thought that brought on my newest series, Tattooed Vicky. With watching shows such as Arrested Development, this was about how it would be if television executives pushed the sensual envelope rather than the violence and bad taste ones.

“Many fiction writers eventually want to feel that their work forms a single, unified entity.” – Peter Straub

Welcome To My Bubble was a title that came to mind last summer during dinner as I made fun of my 14-year-old daughter suggesting this would be the title of her auto-biography. Again, it has evolved severely, into one that is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Being the ending was written first and will not post until December 29, 2013…at this time I cannot share where the story idea came from but, even as you read the parts already posted, all is not as it seems. Should I mention a heavy influence on this series from The X-Files?

How about this one…what if a dog could actually understand what we were saying to it? Thus we have where this site truly began with Fifi…okay, not exactly erotica. In fact Fifi really came from something I said under my old handle of Master Jibberish (my typohs defile me) on a Twitter-like site in early 2009:

“I’m such a dog…and by dog, I mean, St. Bernard. WHO’S DRINKING WITH ME?” – Master Jibberish

One thing I never shared about Fifi, until now, was that originally his voice that I heard in my head was that of Remington Steele.

Next, how about our good friend Savannah. She appeared from my finding out I had an upcoming business trip to Savannah, Georgia in the spring of 2013. I mentioned it on Twitter and began a discussion with @stellakiink about how cool a character name it would be…in essence…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! The fact that she turned into a life force feasting alien that devoured people’s energy during orgasm…that bit came later and, truth be told, that series was originally intended to be more humourous and the idea it would evolve into my first novel was just whimsical fancy at the time.

The funny thing is how few of these ideas come from something specifically sexual. There are exceptions, of course…Kinky Elle and Good Girl both come to mind on those. Those both came from my experience at BDSM parties and swingers clubs so are very much spawned from actual sensuality and libido. Even Wingman where the main character of Cross was initially my thoughts on how erotica would be were it written by Monty Python…due to how bizarre those original drafts became, he was toned down to what is found on the site now…but the point being the idea actually did vaguely start in a sensual concept.

“Adventures suck when you’re having them.” – Neil Peart of Rush

Long story short (too late), the story ideas are everywhere and anywhere. More about opening one’s mind up to random thoughts and not pushing them aside as most of us have been trained to do. The worst words for creative people are “productive” and “professional” which are the name of the left and right cuffs that restrain most. These two words are more about fitting in to what The Man wants us to be so we can help fill his pockets with coin…as opposed to allowing us the opportunity to create stories.

…never mind, as has begun with my Savannah stories, creating universes.

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