Aftermath of Eroticon

EroticonBeen forty-two hours since our plane lifted off from Atlanta…yes, 42…funny how that number won a boobie prize for one of the other Eroticon participants all because he had remembered my tattoo.

It was truly a whirlwind weekend.

As you will now see on the picture above as well as the sidebar to the right on my main page, plans are now in the works to attend in Bristol, UK.  Not certain we will get there, but working on it.

It is not cheap.  Wonderful a country as Canada is, travel is not cheap.  The fact that flying to Vancouver from my home in Toronto takes almost as much time as it would to fly to London is only part of it.  A bloody big place…and speaking of London, will likely have to fly through there to get to Bristol.

However, the orgies will make it worth it.  Who knew that erotic writers and bloggers were open to such debauchery?

Okay, should have assumed this last bit, right?

Anyhow, starting to settle back into vanilla life and the biggest question yesterday came to mind…

Why, indeed?

Sitting among others who think along similar waves as I do last weekend…I felt at home.  Admittedly, in real life (what a concept) I am not the most vocal and sociable…which is funny that I now when reminded I work in sales and have an education in broadcasting…but it was as though we were among family.  Our community where nothing needed to be hidden because no one was judging…well, beyond judging writing and websites, but with a critical eye. Even @strandedgf said something similar about it in that she had never felt so welcomed by a group.

Yesterday, back at the opening bell of the office day (6:30 in the AM…*groan*), I already knew I did not want to be there.  My “real job” is with a good company that there are no complaints about it nor the people I work with…but as the day went on, I kept finding myself biting my tongue and censoring myself due to the vanilla of what that position is. My mind kept wandering to things that I would much rather be doing…writing…debauchery…well, restrained debauchery as even that needs limits or it would lose its charm.  Okay, there is one complaint about the people I work with…too vanilla.

I have no problem biting tongues, I just prefer them to be other people’s while they enjoy the process.

So I go back to something I said earlier on in this piece…”starting to settle back into vanilla life”.

Why settle for vanilla?  Why take a bite of the flavor you know you need, the one that drives the flow of passions like a wild river…and then walk away?

Yeah…this time that is not happening.  The awareness has been raised…plans are being hatched…world domination is…oh, forget that last one.

by sookieThis time, I am not settling.  The orgy that was Eroticon USA has my mind craving much more of that community.  Feels like the beginning of a quest where I kneel before some flying deity only to have him ask, “Why are you kneeling?”  Here’s hoping that, unlike the knights of Monty Python’s Holy Grail…this does not end with me leaning over the hood of a police car…unless the officer involved is really a fellow kinkster or swinkster and not really arresting me.

Dammit!  Now I have a story idea.

So…long story short (too late!)…it seems the Stranded Tour in 2014 might just include a stop or two in the United Kingdom.

Someone should warn those poor people.


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