Naked Truth

Author’s note:  For those wondering what happened to Savannah, I recommend a quick browse of Altered Plans. As for this week…sometimes less is more…and damn it, I hate cliches, but…

“Oh, that’s naked all right.”

She nodded, uncertain of how to respond.  Her red hair was held over her left shoulder in a pony tail by a green, black and red tartan tie that matched her kilt.  Her folded arms across the cleavage showing from her tight black t-shirt and squinted eyes gave a sense that she was not impressed.

He took it in his mouth and his eyes rolled.  The juices flowed and slipped down his beard, continuing on to his chin and dripping to the triple-extra-large t-shirt below.

“You’re disgusting.”  Why could she not pull herself away.  This display was both appalling and yet appealing at the same time.  Much as her mind wanted to turn away, to shut off the image she was watching, her libido had other desires.

He repeated in nearly exactly the same way.  Blue eyes rolling as though this were truly Nirvana and now his grey-speckled beard soaked in juices and oil.  “But it is perfect.”  He leaned forward so as not to miss a single drop.

Her eyes rolled, this time.  “Let me know when you want your bill.”  She stormed off.Photo by stu_spivack

“Can I at least get another beer?”  He picked up the next chicken wing…



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