On Writing Eros: Researching Erotica

by BillyWarhol
by BillyWarhol

For science fiction, writers have science to draw from.  Period fiction writers have encyclopedias and any history faction to research.  Every piece of fiction comes from something in faction…some thread of truth…

Research is important.

Research is under rated.

The big question is how does the erotic writer research?

Yes, we do research…I have joked often that it is sometimes the best part of being a smutscribe (look, ma!  I made up a word!).  Being he entire genre is seen as taboo by some, it makes research interesting.

You want proof it is taboo?  I have two stories…one of Colorado Republican candidate Jaxine Bubis and the other of CIA Deputy Avril Haines.  These two examples are simply spin by those opposed to either of the examples.  The use of the spin does suggest that smut is written by those that cannot be trusted.  Truly a sad view on erotic writing, but the holier than thou crowd loves to slag anyone that does not follow their moral lead.

That, however, is a discussion for another post. This is a discussion on research.

Of course much of erotica is fantasy…no, not Tolkien style fantasy, in fact quite a different realm of the word “fantasy”.  Even the fantasy genre requires research into the ideals of Medieval weaponry or folklore.  Take the well-known series of literature, TV and film, Star Trek…generally the stories have embraced actual science as we know it giving Roddenberry’s creation more credibility than many.  J.D. Robb’s In Death series requires research into police procedures and modern ballistics before it works.

Erotica requires research as well.  For credibility…even in erotica…there must be research.

It could be as simple as setting…

He looked out over the skyline from the office rooftop as he fucked her.  Below, the crowd at Soldier Field chanted for their team…but Nigel felt like they were encouraging him to thrust harder…

Chicago is a lovely city.  All those that have been to Chicago and see the flaw…raise your hands.  Pretty obvious when there is no office tower overtop of Soldier Field that would allow one to hear the crowd.  Instead, try this one…

He looked out over the skyline from the condo rooftop as he fucked her.  Below, the crowd at Fort York chanted, encouraging an encore from the band…but Nigel felt like…

The part of Toronto that surrounds Fort York is filled with condos that are within earshot of the festivities held there.

As for sex on rooftops, that is something that requires a different type of research…suspect it will involve dodging security cameras and potential police chases.  No, not kidding…but this research is more about going up to the rooftop of my condo and finding out where the security cameras are.  Becomes something of a contest to recreate the great Monty Python sketch of “How Not to be Seen”…just without the police chase.

I know, I know…not the hot and sweaty research you were hoping for, but that is yet to cum.  You want the meat.  The long hard details.  The warm wet juicy bits…and yes, I love euphemisms…

Erotic writers, to write well, have to fuck.

There…I said it.

Erotic writers also need just a touch of kink to their personality…the more kink the better.  Any hack can write a scene that involves a couple laying on a four-poster bed with a tea rose duvet while Bach serenades them from the stereo…but how boring would that be if that is all we wrote?  The fact that our heroine has a strap-on hiding under the bed beside her lover’s spurs and the next cut on the mix-tape is Metallica’s Sandman Enter Sandman…now we have a 1990s period BDSM erotica piece rather than simple Harlequinized romance.  Writing erotica without some kink would be cooking without any spices at all…might be good once in awhile, but will not work on a consistent basis.

But as for research…without having seen a flogger in use, how does one possibly guess how to write about it?  Spurs are for horses…until one has rolled it along the curve of his lover’s back.  Strap-ons…okay, strap-ons are pretty easy to figure out whether or not one has used them but to describe the actual experience would be difficult.

Did I mention just how much fun research can be?

From BDSM to swinger parties…from flogging to wax play…from exhibitionists to masturbating with one’s non-dominant hand…to write convincingly about these things, some research must be done.

Not suggesting one must be a swinger to write about swingers…but being I participate in the swinger lifestyle certainly adds credibility to my writing about it. The fact I have attended fetish parties and events has given me insight that drives some of my stories as well. The fact that my regular employ is in the wholesale wood industry (irony, no?) gives me a but of research into my settings and is perhaps why I often use an actual wood species to describe paneling or furniture and which woods are strong enough to handle two human bodies humping upon it…see, physics did teach me something.

Truly, research is a wonderful thing.  It certainly gives me inspiration on top of knowledge and understanding…plus a chance to seduce my readers properly.  The thought that I have inspired a few orgasms for my readers…whether by their own hand or as inspiration for them to go out and play with someone…that scene gives me great warmth.  The scene, as I see it, goes something like this…

On Writing Eros
On Writing Eros

Her hand dips between her legs, wetting just a single finger which she drags along as she pulls it out before rubbing all fingers harder on her clit.  A light moan escapes as the story ends and she closes the laptop.  Shifting onto her back, she continues to play with one hand and reaches for the cock that belongs to the guy laying beside her…more shifting and soon her tongue is sliding along the length of the cock while she massages the balls…her other hand now knuckle deep between her own legs supported on her knees and elbows…

…until her second friend, who had been watching, climbs onto the bed behind her…slowly aiming the strap on so that it can slide in deep…

Having not experienced this scene, seems I must research.  Please contact me if there are any volunteers.

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