Elle and the Mistress of Eye Contact

Author’s note…this post came as result of me going to our swingers club with The Fellatio Project in mind…a few helped inspire this, and specific thanks goes to Nine, Hazel, Shy…something about those Peter Gabriel tunes, whether from his Genesis era or not, and how they kick the ass of Jackson tunes… and of course Elle

Photo by Garry Knight
Photo by Garry Knight

“Is she bi?” 

“I told you she was,” Greg said with a chuckle.

“Maybe you did.”  Nellie turned to watch the show going on in front of them.

For a Friday night, the creepy single guy factor was low…a nice change.  The walls and ceiling had their normal orange-ish glow thanks to mood lighting and whatever actual colour of paint was on the walls.

Sitting together, they were on a golden-fabric under-stuffed couch that, due to its wearing through, Greg figured would be dead soon.  In front of them, on the mattress against the wall, were three naked women.

Elle had her legs in the air while Angie licked between them.  Veronica held Elle’s legs higher to help Angie get deeper with her hands and tongue.  Elle, herself, was in heaven as her lungs began to wail and eyes began to roll from the pleasure of it.

Greg smiled at her, so pleased that she was enjoying.

Elle turned her head and smiled back.

“Do we have to ask her permission?” Nellie asked.

“For what?” Greg turned to see Nellie already dropping to her knees and spreading her towel on the ground.

“Easier on the knees,” she said with a grin and pushed her brunette curls away from her face.  She wore a silver nightie that fell just to the ground and was loose enough that hands would have access to her ample breasts.

“No, Elle’s a bit busy right now, so we don’t need to ask.”

“Yes, and she is enjoying herself, isn’t she.”  Nellie laughed as she turned back to Greg.  She pushed her glasses up her nose.  “May I?”

The last time Greg and Elle were at the club he had watched across the room as Nellie had gone down on a lucky guy…he could sense her enjoyment in the act, even from where he had been sitting…and really enjoyed the show.  Since then Greg and Nellie had been chatting often on the website for the club with a bit more than their usual suggestive flirting.  However, even now as he sat beside her, he was a bit surprised at this quick turn of events.  Surprised, but certainly not unhappy about it.  Mimicking her action with his own glasses, he almost begged, “Are you kidding?  Please…”

Photo by Vickie Shan
Photo by Vickie Shan

Her tongue flicked at the top of his cock like the flapping wings of a butterfly.

Then Greg’s focus on watching Elle was lost from the sensation Nellie provided.  She was masterful with her flicking licks, deep sucks until the tip was actually into her throat, and lots of saliva.

Her eyes looked up at him…begging him…pleading for his cum to fill her mouth…which he finally did until a small trickle of white sperm leaked down her chin.

Well, that was how he would write it later.

Those eyes had Greg so wanted to fill her mouth with cum…but one of the rules of swinging with Elle was that his cum was hers…so much as he enjoyed Nellie’s mouth and pulling Nellie’s hair lightly, he did not orgasm.  Being this was their first encounter, he also restrained from dragging her over to the mattress beside the women and fucking her silly…that might happen another time if they played again.

Nellie sat back on her legs and stroked him with her hand, turning to watch the three women still going.  Even with the creepy single guy factor down, the three women had drawn an audience…leaving Nellie and Greg unobserved.

Returning to her work in hand, Nellie’s eyes begged even more.

Greg almost gave in…and again, when he wrote this, she would be swallowing a second load at this point.  His hands wandered a little around her chest, but with her expert position, it was difficult to do much…though he thought he pinched a nipple at one point.  Instead, he just wrapped his hand in her curls and pulled lightly until she finally released him and gave up.

“Wow,” was all Greg could muster.

Elle, still on the bed, screamed again while Veronica…the brunette currently licking her…also started moaning thanks to Angie’s fisting before all three collapsed in a giggling heap on the mattress.  All were exhausted.

Greg had missed the scene…he had missed watching Elle’s first bi/lesbian threesome…and it was all Nellie’s fault.  He would blame Nellie entirely for the wonderful distraction that had caused him to miss it…and next time he saw Nellie at the club, assuming she was willing, he would fuck her silly.

Regardless…when he wrote about it…she would consent…

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