First Night


Still, technically, five sleeps from moving in…and the above is the view from the new place.

Sitting here, at the new place, having a discussion of phone etiquette with the gf’s six-year-old.

Wait…now we are on to why I do not wear a watch.

I had forgotten about these basic conversations that happen with the I under-ten set. I have strictly missed thus a but. Great as it is having two teens that have begun to grasp my references…in fact to the point that I take my 13 (my weirdest) to a concert of my choosing for her birthday each year, thus year it will be Pat Benatar at Massey Hall in August.

Sorry, jumping topics here…

Great as it is to have two that understand me…there it’s something refreshing about the megalomania that resides in a cold under ten.

I suspect megalomania had a serious hills in us into our 20s, but it us usually much more pronounced at this age.

The presumption of interest is a hoot as they think we are all interested in the same things they are. The gf’s 8 was trekking me earlier about his duchess on a video game that I have no clue about…but he assumes we all want to play.

Was just discussing his interest in rock n’roll and mentioned how I will soon be introducing him to the classic bands of Rush…Chicago…Genesis…Styx…is suspect he found boredom before the word “Rush” even slipped from my lips.

My daughters, at 6 and 8 were no different. Now, however, at 12 and 13 we spent this afternoon watching the induction ceremonies, speeches and performances inducing both Rush and Heart into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame…

Do not get me started on how embarrassing it us for those two bands to share the stage with a disco diva like Donna Summer…nothing wrong with Ms Summer as an artist…but she was disco, not rock n’ roll.

Hearing Dave Grohl ask the mighty question, “When did Rush become fucking cool?”…then to hear my daughters giggle and remind me, throwing my own words back at me, “It’s just words, dad.”

Now, it seems, I have the honor of assisting in the molding of two more young minds.

I have made mistakes with my own two…many mistakes…and these two I am more here for influence than control…they have parents that love them, and I am not here to replace either of them. I am too pleased for this opportunity to aid, however.

Anyhow, forgive as I must off to play cat n’ mouse…I play the cat along with the gf…6 and 8 play the mice.

This can’t end well…

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