They Say That Waking Up is Hard to Do

Good morning.

And a great morning it is.

Nothing like starting of the day with that orgasmic glow. The one where you wake…wake her up…and ravish each other before falling back asleep.

A lazy Saturday…well, Saturday squared with this long weekend. Should be lots of sex today and tomorrow…no excuses.

The you’re of sex where she’s making the today and I’m seeing the table and, whoops…look at that, she’s bent over. How did that happen? Our the type where we will be sitting watching TV on the couch…a stay hand accidentally fibs a stay breast…and then the TV show is over and neither of us recalls it.

Naked day…as with clothing, neither of the above two examples work.

Today should be a day filled with rest, eating, and cardio exercises that Spiderman pajamas seem to add kink to. Of course, now I have Billy crystal singing “You Look Marvelous” in my head.

If it involves erections, if like too learn the hard way more often…and yes, four those watching my twitter feed, I’m plagiarizing myself. Deal with it.

So…there must be a point to this writing, no?


The writing, let me discuss what is going on with that.

Novel is in the works and have a couple of chapters in the can along with the outline. Again, that is the main reason I’m not posting as much.

This weekend will feature more Kinky Elle chapters as well…already working on her next adventure at the swingers club.

I am enjoying playing with the Masque of Viva set as well. A little of my darker fantasies get played out in that one. Just a warning, however…this set will get darker and, hopefully, funnier…at the same time. Oddly enough, two of the Viva stories were originally written for Kinky Elle and switched over. Call it a hunch, and I’ve not written it yet, but these two sets will cross over.

Not sure I’m happy with where I’m going with Groucho, so may put him in the dog run for a bit and go back to it. One thing I do solemnly swear…Groucho will not be crossing over with anyone else.

Gods of Atheism are back up to monthly…did the second anniversary post, finally adding Dawkins last week…so early will expand on that shortly. I am considering moving this set to its own site, but just playing with that idea so far. Oddly enough, unlike some of my additions to the GOA, no one argues against Dawkins being atheist.

Also working on a few new short pieces that are sitting in my draft file…as soon as I get around to editing those, I will post them as well.

One final thought…now three full months into 2013, I have a craving to bring back some old characters. I know…I know…said I was done with all of them in December 31, 2012…but one or two have crept into my head with new story ideas…that may also involve Viva and Elle. Not sure on this yet…just musing.

So…speaking of learning the hard way, I must wake her now…priorities, you know. I could write more our play with her. Like you would choose differently in such a situation?

As always, thank you for reading…thank you for your comments…and let’s see where this leads, shall we?

Second star to the left…and straight on ’til morning…

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