Hair Pull

Greg grabbed a handful of hair.

Elle’s head tilted back and her completely naked body pressed hard against his clothed one as they stood embraced.

A quick kiss of her neck before the simple words slipped from his lips, “To your knees.”

Without hesitation, Elle lowered to her knees on the beige carpet. She began tugging at his belt and pants. A battle of wits, intelligence and fabric…then she stared at his erection. There was nothing between her and it but air. She craved the taste so badly.

Greg, still with a handful of her brunette locks, pulled her head forward and pushed his cock between her lips…fucking her mouth until he felt her gag reflex kick in. He did not stop, however…just with more gentleness, stroking her cheeks as she sucked.

Attempting to avoid idle hands, Elle cupped and squeezed his balls. Even with his cock deep in her mouth, she was able to giggle at the moans her artistry began to elicit.

Losing his balance, Greg collapsed and sat on the bed behind him.

Still hungry, however, she kept her mouth on him, leaning onto his lap and holding him down. She swallowed his cock with such fierce abandon that there was no gag this time.

Only warm cum.

Elle swallowed all of it.

Sitting back on her knees, she smiled at him…a single stay cum drop at the corner of her mouth.

Finally catching his breath, Greg smiled back.

“My turn,” she whispered through a giggle.

Greg, however, did not think she was kidding as he pulled her up to the bed, spread her legs, and feed his own hunger. Later, as he stared at the keyboard and debated how to write this, he felt that no words would ever make this exciting enough to write.

Instead, he closed the laptop, and crawled in to bed beside Elle…his cock hard again, having found enough inspiration in just his thoughts…but this time it wanted in on her action.

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