OutPlay…what a wonderful word.

Should this not be a word that defines life?

So many words are thrown around that life should be about…without much thought behind them.  Words like “tradition”… “proper”… “etiquette”… “blame”.

All lovely words, but play is better to define things.  In fact, all those other words are restraints in comparison.

Now, the benefits of restraints aside…and yes, euphemism…why do we follow the ideas set out by those before us?  Why do we simply accept that this is how we do things and not think about it for ourselves?

There is something to be said for experience…and it is one thing to listen when someone tells you not to run out into traffic…quite another when they tell you not to cross the street because they don’t know what goes on over there.  Fine line with a razors edge, really…one to protect, the other to control.

Where is the tradition to play?

So…I figure it is damn well time that we stopped sitting and waiting for someone to tell us what to do.  Time to play.  Come on, then…get up!

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