Green Bottle

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“Spin the bottle?” Markus took a sip of his red and lay the emptied green glass bottle between them.

Viva looked up at him.  “I thought you wanted to fuck?”

“We’ll get there.  You’re too excited and we need you to calm down first.”

Sting serenaded the couple in the background…These are the soul cages…

“Calm down?”

“Peace, babe, peace is what you need.”

“Oh really?”  She was quickly up on her knees and pulled the bottle from the ground.  “I’m just glad these things are recyclable.”

“Recyclable for what?”

“I’ve run out of batteries.”  Her denim skirt was lifted to show a small patch of trimmed hair between her legs.

Markus’ eyes widened as he realized what she was doing.

Viva held the bottle tight and put it straight up on the hard wood floor beneath her.  She then kept her grip as she lowered herself down upon it and allowed the bottle-neck to slide inside her.

“Wow.”  Markus could not muster much more at the moment as he watched his friend fuck herself with the bottle.  “Why do you even keep me around?”

“I like the taste of your cum,” she answered without hesitation.  Her body found a pace as she humped the bottle.

“Good answer,” he said and pulled his legs beneath to get back up to his feet.  A quick pull of the zipper and his half-hard cock was inches from Viva’s mouth.

No request was necessary…Viva devoured it and made the erection much more solid with little effort. She released the bottle and continued to crouch on it like a catcher awaiting that pitch…that was currently in her mouth and her tongue was working on.  She took him deep and slipped her tongue out to tickle his balls with his entire cock to her throat.

As Markus prepared to pop his own cork, his hand grabbed the back of her head and he pushed harder…almost bringing her to gag just as his cum shot into her mouth.

Deep breaths and Markus’ barrel chest expanded wide.

“Peace, eh?  I don’t want peace.”

He grinned.

“I want that cock in me…and that is never peaceful.”

“Should it be?”

“Fuck, no.”

Grabbing her hair, he dragged her to her feet…bottle still stuck in her pussy.  Recalling a certain movie scene, he bent her over the arm rest of one of Viva’s black leather couches.  His hand wrapped around the bottle and he began to thrust it deeper and faster.

Viva screamed with her pleasure and was soon squirting out around the bottle.

“Much better,” he cooed.

Gasping for breath, she propped herself up on the arm rest.  “Really?”

He shrugged.  “I feel much more at peace.”


He thrust with the bottle again and she got the message to keep her mouth shut.



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