On the Tenth Floor

Viva stood in the middle of her dimly lit condo with legs spread and hands on her naked hips.  Black leather boots came half way up her thighs.  After that, she wore not a thread of clothing except her new masque.

Beneath her was Andrew, flat on his back atop the dark blue comforter that Viva had laid out before the party.  He, too, was quite naked save his golden bejeweled masque.  His erection was certainly paying attention to what was above him.  His eyes were not, however, focused on Viva.  Instead, they were focused on the pussy above him.

Mary-Anne Dionne was new to the group.  She had been invited as a special guest by Viva for tonight.  Petite, blonde and in similar dress to Viva, she began to crouch.  Lowering her ass until she could feel Andrew’s breath on her ass.  Then his tongue was inside of her, dragging a squeal of glee as her crouch dropped to her knees and she sat on his face.

Viva also began to crouch.  She went down far enough that she could grasp his erection in her fist…stroking it just to maximize the hardness before guiding it between her legs.

Markus groaned his pleasure…he was seated on the black leather couch.  His own masque was black, matching his tuxedo.  A glass of red was held in his left while his right lightly stroked the ass of Nancy…Andrew’s wife.

Nancy, too, was in nothing but a masque and boots.  She allowed her legs to spread just enough to allow Markus’ hand to slip between her legs and into her as she stood…causing her some difficulty to remain balanced standing with her own glass of red for sipping.

Kermit Smythe…he of the curly red hair was in the opposite seat on the couch from Markus and in nearly the exact reversed position with his left hand stroking the clitoris of his wife, Ever, as she stood beside him.  This couple was a fascinating role reversal at these parties…Kermit, the stay-at-home dad and writer and Ever, the surgeon…yet here, Kermit was always the powerful of these two.  He had even brought Ever in on a leash more than once.

On the other couch, opposite where Markus and Kermit sat, Greta was currently kneeling between her husband and Travis, who was Mary-Anne’s partner.  Timothy had his erection pulled from his tuxedo and was watching her lick it like a lollipop as they locked eyes through their masques.  All the while, Greta kept her hand on the erection of Travis, stroking him and occasionally licking him as well.

As a group they neared what would be their first orgasms of the night.

Out the large window, snow fell hard but silently to the ground ten floors below.  Attacking the asphalt with the strength of cotton balls, it began to pile up.  Even through the dark and snow, however, he watched.  He watched the group as they exchanged and shared partners.  The party flowed from couples to threesomes to an entire group frolic.

He stepped back from the telescope with his night vision equipment and licked his lips.  He was across the street from the party, and two floors higher.  Every four months he knew that the object of his affection hosted this party, and every four months he watched.  He also knew it was a matter of time before she invited him.

Stroking his own erection with both hands, his eyes returned to view his future.

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