Dazzled and Confused


She stared at him, tapping the toe of her black pump in the hard office carpet. Her pen was twirling the end of her brunette page-boy hair.


“Nope,” she said with a slightly exaggerated sigh.


Her blue eyes rolled. “Penny.”

“Penny, yes, of course.”

Her you’re at the end of her long nyloned tapped quicker and her brown eyes rolled.

“She was, I must say…Patricia was…”

“Penny was.”

“…a great lay. Really got my rocks off.”

“Seems to me, Ray, that you said the same of Veronica the week before.”

“Did I?”  His eyes met hers briefly before returning to the spot on the roof that brought him such imaginative genius. “Did I really say that about Rebecca?”


“Oh yes, Veronica.”

She allowed her glasses to slip down her nose just so she could look over them.  “Are you sure?”



“Perky tiny tits and a freshly shaved pussy.”

“That’s the one.”

“Of course she is.  You played with us, too.”

“Something I was trying to black out, but yes I did.”  She sighed and tugged at her skirt to try to cover her knees.  Unfortunately, it was too short.



“Whatever,” he said and dismissed her with a hand.  “I need to get laid tonight.”

“What about the share holders meeting?”

“Are the share holders cute and fuckable?”

Another sigh and her chin dropped to her chest to stare at her own cleavage.  A university degree in economics and here she sat in a low cut blouse and short skirt working for a buffoon.  “They weren’t the last time.”


After the consideration of writing the word “shit” on her notepad passed, she looked back up…pushed up her glasses and sat up straight.  “So what do you want to do?”

“Vicky, I need a redhead.”

“Of course, sir.”

“And a blonde…”

She jotted down notes.  “Sounds good.”

“Maybe a brunette as well.”

“Yes, what was I thinking?”


“Yes, Ray?”

“You are a brunette with blonde streaks.”

“How observant of you.”

“Two birds, one stone.”


“And with the glasses, you have this whole naughty librarian thing going on.”


He stopped, leaned on the black walnut desk with both elbows.  Lowering his chin onto his fists for balance, he blinked innocently.  “Yes, my love.”

“We’ve discussed this.”

“I know we have, but I keep hoping you would change your mind.”

“So long as you call me ‘Vicky’, that’s not going to happen.”

His mouth dropped open.  “Vanessa?”



Her glasses dropped on her nose again as her head tilted forward in anticipation of the scold.  “Cleo, you imbecile.”

“Oh, sorry…I got confused.  Can we just fuck now?”

“Fuck, no!”



  1. Ok Mr Stranded are you fucking with my proof readers mind on purpose? I have a sneaky feeling that you are, either that or you have had a momentary lapse of concentration when it comes to the use of hear and here which seem highly unlikely. * gives stern stare for very naughty behaviour and goes off chuckling


      1. Ha! Well for the first time ever I find myself slipping into proof reading mode on your site… nothing like popping a cherry and you might want to check the 1st paragraph as it would seem an ‘if’ instead of an ‘of’ has slipped in 😉


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