A Normal Sunday

Lacy awoke with all the nuzzling. How could any person sleep through that?

To have Sam moving her red curls to wake her with kisses on her shoulder and his erection against her ass, that was normal. Each morning they would wake, make love and then start their days…well, Sam would start his day as he went to work early and Lacy would go back to sleep before waking later to wore her daily column.

This morning, however, was a Sunday…no need for Sam to go early…no kids around today as they were off at friend’s places for the weekend.


Days like this usually meant no clothing until the kids were coming home…sex would be had early, often and everywhere from in bed to on too of the running clothes dryer. At some point during the day Sam would redden Lacy’s ass with his new trial flogger and then kiss it better performing aftercare on the couch in front of the TV watching her favorite episode of Soap…the one where Jody meets his child. Through the day they would snack on fruits and chips, not really eating until later…ordering pizza when the kids get home as they were too busy with work to get groceries.

The busy statement would always feel disingenuous, but as Sam checked the sales numbers on his manufacturing company “Floggers, Dildos, and Boots…Oh My!” and Lacy would sit with her laptop using her pseudonym of Jacqui Evermore to write her daily sex toy review for “BDSM Daily”…oddly enough, Sundays were usually reviews of the newest flogger from FDBM Manufacturing and no one seemed to question her on it…they both would remember that the entire day was a business tax write off.

That was a normal Sunday…but today was different.

The nuzzling…of course Sam was at her shoulder, moving her red hair and she could feel his forming erection forming against her ass. There was more, however.

Last night was Lacy’s 47th birthday party. Sam had invited ten couples, Lacy’s friends to a quiet jazz pub where they enjoyed red wine, a piano-trumpet-bass trio, and good conversation.

“There is someone I want you to meet before we go,” seam whispered into her ear. It was late…which due to their usual early mornings, meant ten… and all the friends had abandoned them for want of beds.

“Sam, I want my bed.”

He kissed her neck and, under the table, his hand slipped between her legs. “I haven’t given you your birthday gift yet.”

“But this whole night was…”

“This is Jordan.”

Lacy found herself looking eye to crotch, at first…raising her eyes, she saw the smiling face of the brown-haired, blue-eyed young pianist from the music trio. He looked like Dave Grohl mimicking The Beatles in a black suit with a thin black tie. Half tipsy, the only words she could muster were, “For me?”

Back at the apartment she found out that Jordan was 21 and still studying music at university. After she had unwrapped her gift, she found out that he was muscular and, for his age had good stamina. In between orgasms the divisions turned to Jordan getting a scholarship to play university hockey…explaining the muscles…but then finding his passion for the jazz greats turned him to a life of treble clefs instead.

Lacy also discovered that Jordan was bi…she was riding Jordan cowgirl, and bent forward to take Sam’s cock in her mouth. Jordan surprised both Lacy and Sam by first licking Sam’s testicles and then, when Lacy released the erection from her mouth, Jordan sucked it into his own.

Lacy came hard…harder than she had in a very long time. She finished the evening on her knees sucking then both off…even fitting both hard chicks into her mouth at the same time and bringing each to climax in turn.

So as she woke with Sam kissing her shoulder, Jordan was sucking her nipples.

With Sam’s coaxing, Lacy climbed on top of Jordan again to mount him…what else was a girl to do in such situations? Her rhythm was slow…not quite awake yet.

Sam got up on his knees behind her.

Lacy felt Sam’s erection slowly push into her ass. She also had this warm image of both men’s testicles rubbing together as this was happening…and her rhythm increased. Her ride completed with Jordan’s cum doing from her pussy and Sam’s from her ass.

After clean up, Lacy cuddled with Sam. She pulled her new Rabbit Co. manufactured dildo and played lightly while she and Sam watched Jordan give a gentle blowjob to the older man as a thank you for the invite.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal Sunday. Although one of Jacqui Evermore’s regular readers did write in to the paper the next day noting that they thought Sunday was always flogger reviews and were rather surprised at the discussion of the Rabbit Dildo.

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