tumblr_ln3uvqXoov1qjrbgdo1_500One pair of lips seems like enough…one would think.

And yes, they are enough.  Who is any guy kidding on that particular point?

However, knowing that feeling of two separate sets of lips at the same time is hard to explain.

Now, I must explain that I have been able to hold my concentration…for the most part…while my lover has blown me. The Kinky Elle set has each story that has been written, at least partially, while receiving fellatio from the gf.

I am a lucky guy, what can I say?  She knows it inspires me and…well…

The reminder that not all that far back I was enjoying two sets of lips on me…and here I am thinking the next part of Kinky Elle may just feature that.

A guy can dream, can he not?

No doubt there are some thinking how selfish this idea sounds…as though I would not do my damnedest to please all involved…

…and that’s just it.  So long as all enjoy, all are consenting and all are honest…no one is left behind and no one gets hurt.

Perhaps this is the bigger issue here.


Wandering the halls of Fetlife, for example…plenty of guys on there willing to make a threesome happen.  Plenty on there that will be there in a moment…so long as their wives and girlfriends are not going to find out.

Yeah, that just will not work.  All need to be apprised of what the situation is…what the wants and desires of…and all need to be in agreement before true sensuality is achieved.

I start this post talking about how wonderful it feels to be the recipient of a shared blowjob…but true sensuality for me will be achieved as I bring my gf’s fantasies to fruition.

…and this is where, for some, things go wrong…not all fantasies subscribe to tradition.

Unless it means something…screw tradition until it is nothing more than an orgasmic puddle on the floor.

Yes, mom and dad did it one way…but that doesn’t mean I have to do it the same way.

And believe me…one of my biggest fantasies will be coming soon when I watch said gf as she enjoys her first bisexual experience.  Not for the voyeur part of it…although that is partially it…but more for knowing that she told me what she wanted and I helped her get there.

The fact that I am hoping that threesome (or moresome) may include inspiration for the next Kinky Elle chapter…well, now I’m just being selfish.

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