Long Way Down

Dr Henry Brookes snapped awake with a smile. He began pulling the sensuous from his forehead and chest. He slipped his bare legs over the side of the bed to stand up with navy shorts swishing at his thighs.

He picked a clip board up from the side table and checked the clock. A light whistle. “Two hours.” He jotted down the time on the clipboard. Reaching down, he hit the sleep button on the clock radio.

Randy Newman was mid croon about how much he loved Los Angeles.

Henry sat back on the bed and waited through the end of the tune and then the first rhythms of the news report.

“We have breaking news this morning.”

Henry’s smile grew wider with the words.

“About ten minutes ago a caucasian male feel off of Banker’s Tower on Twelfth Avenue, falling 80 storeys to his death. The victim is, as of yet, unidentified by authorities. Police have closed Twelfth from Grogan to Malkin and are diverting traffic to Thirteenth.”

Henry turned the radio off. “It worked,”he said raising his fiat in the air. “It worked!” Sitting again, he began to write…

…They say your life flashes before your eyes when you fall. All I knew was it was a long way down.

Blue cloudless sky mocked me from above. Gray concrete of the skyline was beneath my current horizon. This was the tallest building in the city at 84 floors. The breeze rippled across the stucco-stone rooftop. Banker’s Tower was one of the newest buildings in the city and was much higher than anything surrounding it.

“Sir? Can I help you?” The voice behind me was female and nervous…first responder, no doubt.

I spun on my heels to see the petite brunette security guard. He had seen her many times before as he cased the location for this experiment.

“Mr Ginsburg,” she said, obviously recognizing the avatar. “Can I get you to come off the ledge so we can talk, please.”

I laughed. “I think not.” Two steps back and my plummet began. The wooshing wind blew past my ears and I could hear the screams below…obviously the security guard had not been the only person to see the old man up on the ledge…and, it seemed, they were horrified to see the old can’t body now hurtling towards the ground.

I could not see them, though. My body stayed as I intended, back down and watching above. As though in slow motion, I watched the security guard appear above from over the ledge. Them terminal velocity took me…

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