Blame the Boots

Thigh high boots… not just for strippers and hookers anymore.

Sexuality has become so intertwined with our lives…as the cliche goes, sex sells everything…that higher boots have become fashionable.

It is a funny paradox that this has created.

People get upset when they believe someone sees them for sex alone…and yet fashion tries to exude sex.


A guy can’t win.

I see high boots and I think of a stripper poll dancing to David Bowie’s Modern Love…then the feel of them straddling during those private dances.

Now to see them as regular fashion makes it difficult to separate from those initial thoughts.

I can do this, myself as sexuality requires respect in my mind…but I understand how some cannot make this leap. I have had respectful conversations with porn stars, hookers and strippers because I respect the fact that they are real people…their clothes have nothing to do with the person…the job they do usually has very little to do with the person.

So I hope women can forgive me…when I see those boots my mind will go to thoughts of what it would be like to see the wearer with nothing else on and, perhaps, even to the extreme of those bits wrapped around me…but the thought is fleeting and is not disrespect to the person wearing them.

Blame the boots.


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