Another Day…Another Snowmaggedon

30 centimeters does not sound like much until you try to drive in it.  This is the amount of snowfall we are expecting over the next 30 hours.

For those of you that do not know the conversions:

  • first, to imperial, a foot is approximately 25 centimeters
  • for those in warmer climes, one centimeter of snow is roughly equivalent to one millimeter of rain…except you do not have to shovel rain

Worst storm to hit the Toronto area in five years, nearly to the day.  This, of course, makes me laugh after hearing that Boston and Manhattan are expecting 60 cm.

We are such fucking wimps here.

The flip side, however, it shows that when people settled in the area that, at the time, was called York in Upper Canada…they knew what they were doing living on the north side of Lake Ontario.  There is a reason that Canada’s largest city is on the north side of the lake while smaller American cities (Buffalo and Rochester, New York) are on the south side.

That said, now that I actually have the girlfriend I have been craving, it pains me that she is so far away on a night such as this.  The perfect evening to sit in front of the fire watching whatever while busying ourselves making our own heat.

As for the girlfriend…she is more than I had hoped, so far.  A real shock as I did not see her coming…we met on a random date that just spiraled upward quickly.  Due to her professional online personality, I really cannot share whom she is here or on Twitter (check my Fetlife acct, though).  In a couple of weeks, I will be taking her to her first BDSM event…which should be a hoot.

Yes…I said “hoot”.

I know, who talks like that?

Now I have completely digressed here…sorry…


Right…the white stuff falls while we make love in front of the fire.  What could be more perfect than that?

Well…perhaps a good flogging might be in order followed by a severe fucking…

Making love…severe fucking…tom-Eh?-toe…tom-ah-toe…

Either way, enjoy the snow.

I just know I’m missing m’lady something awful tonight.  Figure I’d attach a song I’m listening to as I think of her…I know it is sappy, but deal with it…say what you will, Howard Jones and Duncan Sheik are fantastic song writers.

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