Swimming the Stream of Unconsciousness

Something I haven’t done for awhile…I have twenty minutes to write this…and three…two…one…go!

62-35…guess the NFL took a page out of the NHL book of “No Defense at All-Star Games”

I am sitting here, tapping away on the keys as three little girls play games behind me…not so easy for one that writes as I do to stay focused as they scream, bicker, and ask to do my hair.  I know…sounds sexist…sounds stereotypical…BUT THEY DO!!!  My youngest wants to put my buzzed hair into braids and that is wrong on so many levels…mostly as I think she actually means to do my beard.

We had a slight break when I pulled up the Muppets doing Bohemian Rhapsody on the screen:

Nothing really matters…but moi!

See what I mean?  This was exquisite and calmed them…well, until it was over.

I have cheezies for later…once the girls are gone home as I’m selfish like that…plus I have a fetish that involves my finger tips being orange.  Next to salt and vinegar flavored chips, these are my favorite.

Back to football…I picked Baltimore to win it all last April…and sad as I was to see them beat my boys from Denver…I’m sticking with it.

To hockey…still not watching it.  I swore if they canceled any games, I would never watch again.  We are two weeks into the abbreviated season and so far, mission accomplished.

To Broadway…the hills are alive, with the sound of music…

Ten more minutes and, so far, no spelling mistakes.

As I tweeted the other day…my new phone’s auto erect certainly makes spelling mistakes a thing of the past…but at the same time it makes word selection an adventure.  I swear the fucker makes me sound drunk…although I have gotten better.  Admittedly, I am not tweeting as much lately, and I suspect that is from the fear of appearing drunk…or erect.

Okay…that last one is never a fear.  Please feel free to think of me as erect.

Yes…my euphemisms defile me.

Let us bring up today’s life lesson…public service message…or the “wtf were you thinking?”.  Cobras do not make the best choice for dildos…don’t ask how I know this.

Yes, I have tweeted that previously…I really need new material.  Then again, George Carlin has not come up with new stuff since 2008, so why should I worry?  He’s still revered.

Quick aside…like there was a point to the rest of this…have taken something of a break for the last two weeks on the erotica, but that will be back tomorrow.  The last few stories are ones that I have pulled from my draft file and altered to match what I needed.  Tomorrow, however, will be one of my first new pieces in a bit…will be something beautifully crafted in its eros and heat…or it might be just pure schlock, as I have occasionally been known to write that as well.

Why is there not more erotica that involves polar bears?

So, with that…and I do this completely sober…mostly as I have to drive my kids home now…I bid you all

Last one, of course, is completely tongue in cheek…thank you all for reading…I love the feedback…even on something as batshit as this piece.
good night…and if I do not talk to you later…good morning, good day and good riddance…



And…go…go gadget spell cheque!

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