Clunk in the Night

Mary-Kelly glanced into the fedora and saw the name she wanted to pick. She wanted to punish the teacher…not for making her write erotica as she had really enjoyed the research and was not as religious conservative as most thought…more for underestimating her ability to complete the homework.

“So, who’s next?”

Mary-Kelly reached in and pulled a piece out.  “Tommy Solomon!” she announced with a cheerleader’s forced grin. It really was not forced as she got the name she had hoped for.

“Mr. Solomon will take us to the third rock from the sun now,” Graham joked.

No one got it.

“Oh, come on, folks…weren’t any of you watching TV in the mid-90s?  Oh…wait a second.”

Tommy Solomon was nothing like the fictional military strategist on the sitcom. His fuzzy red hair which he claimed was curly, braces still on his teeth, freckle filled plump face, and belly that preceded him into any room were far from cool. He weebled to the front of the class with paper in paw.

“Mr. Solomon…” Graham said in his best Hugo Weaving impression. “Please share your tale with us.”

Tommy nodded with cheeks bouncing at the slightest movement, and began, “I have not made love before. I had no idea other than to insert penis, exhibit A, into vagina, exhibit B…and screw.”

The students laughed.

Tommy blushed.

“Nice opening, keep going,” Graham encouraged.

The blush vanished with the teacher’s words. “I had only seen a vagina in health class…”

I was sitting at the bar at the Student Union Pub with a few others that, like me, had nowhere to go over the holiday.

The place was sprouted from mahogany, I think. From the bar top to the wall paneling, it was like an African grown tree in the middle of Yorkton. With the tartan decor, I have never been sure what the designers were actually going for.

The Leafs were playing on the big screen…losing to Chicago, but that was not unusual. Around the bar was only five…myself and two jocks were the masculine contingent. My friend Paula and a blonde were the females.

Paula, a tall brunette, had some curves. Her curly dark hair and black rimmed glasses, for some reason, always had me thinking of Mary-Anne from Gilligan’s Island. She sat between me and her friend…Mary, oddly enough.

As usual, Paula joked about me being her body-guard as we discussed how none of us had anywhere to go.

We sat…we drank..we laughed..and then my homework slipped out.

“You’re supposed to get laid?” Mary asked with a hand covered giggle.

I nodded, knowing these two were both out of my league…much as I would drool over the stiletto heels they both wore. “That was the professor’s instruction.” My cheeks were beet red.

“A shame,” Paula said bringing both Lois and I to silence just in time to hear Sting scream that one word…”Rooooooxannnnne!”

We all shared the laugh at the timing.

“Shame, why?” I asked already expecting her to give the cookie cutter answer of how she was not into fat guys.

That was not the answer, though.

“It’s my period.”

The next word I said, apparently, was shocking. So shocking, in fact, that both women screamed with laughter…paid my bar tab…linked arms with me…and dragged me, stumbling up to their dorm. That word was, “So?”

The next hour was a blur that involved me learning to take off bras…by the second, I was an expert…and suck pussy. I learned which moans were the good moans and also learned that having two women who were into each other made it much easier on me. I would test and watch them as they continued, one screaming orgasm after another.  I also found a good reason as to why I keep all the rope I collect, as I had both of them tied up together as I licked more pussy.

The next evening as the same five of us sat at the same bar, I learned just how envious jocks could be of the fat boy who knew how to use his tongue.

“One discovery I did make was just how delicious pussy is…but oddly enough, I still have yet to get laid.  Still have not made love.  After this class, however, I am heading back to my dorm room where Paula and Mary are going to tie me up, so this might change.”

The class was silent in their dropped mouths.

Mary-Kelly was both disappointed at how good the story was and jealous of the two women involved.

Tommy was disappointed with the silent reaction. He knew his inexperience was not great story telling, but he thought he had done better.

Graham, however, pulled his feet off of his desk, stood…and slowly began to clap. “Well done,” were the only words Graham could muster.

Soon the entire class was in ovation. Each clapped and cheered the story.

As the class began to calm, Graham stood beside the large redhead. “Any comments?l

“I want pointers,” Hugh Lewis joked…a jock that Graham made fun of often due to his name…but Hugh did not get the jokes yet.

The other pupils laughed their agreement.

Tommy blushed.

“Mister Solomon, I am impressed. With how Ms. Lane looked in the hat to find your name, I think she under estimated you.”

Mary-Kelly blushed.

Tommy blushed more.

“As did we all…leave your story on my desk and pick the next victim.”

As instructed, Tommy left his paper on Graham’s desk and quickly pulled a name from the hat.


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