A Different Class

Monday, first presentation…

“Welcome back…get your asses sat down, please.  I’d like to begin.”  Graham Stone walked in and plopped his brief case down on the table at the front of the classroom.

The students of Yorkton University filed in quietly and all fourteen in this class seemed nervous…well, thirteen.

“We had homework over the holiday break, right?  Hope you all did it as we begin right away.  Oh, Mr….um…”  Graham pointed at the shortest boy in the room as he walked in.

“Evans.  I’m Archie Evans.”

“Right, you were not here the week before the break.  You’ll have some catching up to do between now and Friday.  Yours is the only name I will skip until then.”  He pulled the black Fedora off his graying head and turned it over beside his brief case.  He produced a small Ziplock baggie from the breast pocket of his sports jacket.  Opening the bag, he emptied the fourteen tiny scraps of paper into the hat.

The students were completely silent.

“Here is what will happen.  I will pick the first name to read their assignment.  You will then get to read followed by a five-minute critique from the class.”

A collective groan came from the class.

“People, we are all adults here.  None of us are writing stories about sleeping with each other…”  His eyes caught Mindy Weston’s briefly.  “Again, that’s why we change the names…to protect the guilty.”

He scratched his graying beard before reaching in the hat.  “We will do five today, five during Wednesday’s class, and then four on Friday.  Then I, who also did the homework, will read you mine.”

This last point elicited some interest from the students…except Mindy, who rolled her eyes.

“So, without further adieu,” he said and reached into the hat.  Pulling out the first name, it took his greatest effort to refrain from saying, “Oh, shit.”  Instead, he smiled, “Ms. Mary-Kelly Lane.  Where are you?”

Mary-Kelly stood with a gold crucifix and chain around her neck the size of any ball and chain most had around their ankle.  She had a dom that, in Graham’s opinion, did not exist.  She was petite, blonde and wore her usual conservative turtle-neck sweater…today’s rendition in black with a long black skirt that swayed around her ankles as she stepped to the front of the class with her neatly typed pages in hand.

“Ms. Lane…any relation to Lois?”

No reaction beyond eye rolls from anyone.

“Please,” Graham said as he slumped into his wooden desk chair and quickly propped his feet up on the desk to show his white socks with black shoes and slacks.  “Begin.”

She did…

He tied me up.  I could not believe it, at first.  I was afraid as he had not ever asked, never mind done this before…

As was our usual night time ritual, I was in my nightgown and reading in bed when Tony came in.  He was in nothing but his boxers, which struck me as odd.

“You’re going to catch cold,” I said.  “Aren’t you going to put on your t-shirt?”

“Fuck, no.”

“Watch your language.”

His hands were playing with something behind his back.  “I will not.”

“What are you hiding from me?”

He smirked.  “Nothing.”

I tried to glance around his hairy beer belly, but he turned so I could not see.

“Perhaps something…”

“What is it?”

He was on top of me, knocking the book from my lap and losing my page as he grabbed my right wrist and quickly had it restrained to the first bedpost.  Before I could react, he had my left attached to the other.

“There,” he said.  “Now you will submit.”

…and I did.  His penis was between my legs and his breathing heavy upon me.  It felt wonderful knowing he had taken me as he wanted and that I was all his.

I enjoyed as I felt his seed inside me searching for their goal…

“Wait, their goal?” Graham interrupted with a confused look.

“Of course.  There is only one purpose for copulation.”

“Copulation?”  His usual bubble having burst with a quick head shake.  The wedding band around her ring finger was much easier to see than before this.  “Oh, that goal.”

“Yes, we need to.”

“To have babies?”

“For Jesus.”

His head slumped.  “For Jesus.  Of course.  Need to keep the faith going with new minds to brainwash.”

“Brainwash?  I will have you know…”

Right hand raised, he stopped her.  “I’m sorry, I should not have said that.  We are discussing erotica, however.”

“Yes, and I was almost finished.”

“That was nowhere near five minutes.”  His eyebrow raised.  “I’m almost scared to ask, how does it end?”

“I’m pregnant.”

The laughter in the class broke the tension.  Even Mary-Kelly…still staring Graham down…laughed.

“You are not,” Graham scolded.

Mary-Kelly raised the eyebrow this time.

“You didn’t have the wedding band before the holiday break.”

“Christmas break,” she corrected.

“Holiday break,” he repeated more forcefully.

“You’re right.”  She grinned mischievously.  “You’ve always taken me as a right-wing conservative bitch…so I thought I’d play one today.”

Graham chuckled.  “Fuck you…” he said with a grin.  “You mean that is not really how the story ended, then?”

She grinned back knowing she had fooled him.  “Of course the story ended that way.  But that’s fiction.”


She nodded with a slight grin.  “He did tie me up, though.”


“And he’s rather skilled with a flogger.”

The laughter returned and Graham’s feet fell off the desk.

With a smile, he clapped his hands.  “Well done.  Much different from what I was expecting.”  Turning to the class.  “Any other comments?”

A few comments on how her brief fiction made them feel followed, but nothing of substance was stated.

“Leave your finished work on my desk.  However, pick the next name from the hat first.”

Mary-Kelly reached in and pulled a piece out.  “Tommy Solomon!” she announced with a cheerleader’s forced grin.

“Mr. Solomon will take us to the third rock from the sun now,” Graham joked.

No one got it.

“Oh, come on, folks…weren’t any of you watching TV in the mid-90s?  Oh…wait a second.”


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