Ravishing Her the Right Way

Author’s note…first attempt to post off of my new mobile. I suspect there are a few drunken auto erections in this that I’ve yet to find…please feel free to point them out and I will correct later…oh, and good morning…

Her bare shoulder beckons me.

I have awoken to the sound of ice pellets tapping on the window and the furnace kicking in…as my vision clears, her silhouette comes into form. Dark hair and bare shoulder that rises and falls with each of her sweet breaths. Truly a shame, but I must wake her.

Her shoulder is an inviting target, but no…too obvious. I move her hair, just a touch to find that gorgeous neck…I must have it…I must have her. I spoon into her and my lips find their intended. She wakes with that grin that I can sense from how her cheek moved.

Pushing me back for just a moment…not pushed away…just back long enough for her to roll onto her back and offer me the front of her neck. She’s awake now, of course, so I will taste a kiss from her lips and tongue first before allowing my tongue to trail down her chin to where I can suckle at her throat.

My hands begin to explore and each breast…massaging and pinching in preparation for my tongue’s arrival. Her throat is so sweet that I hate to leave it, but I must continue my trek.

Again my tongue lays a trail, this time along her chest bone and right between breasts into the sacred valley of cleavage. My mouth then, in turn, climbs each breast and finds the nipple atop each…sucking and kidding the nipple before allowing the teeth to give her that first pleasurable pain as they bite lightly.

She is definitely awake now.

Her legs, for some odd reason have spread, and as they are still searching ahead to make sure she is prepared, my hands find one of hers already at work between them. My fingers give hers a quick squeeze before moving past to find her very wet already.

Now comes the debate…as the erection wants in on the fun. Do I continue my breast play and move back for more sensuous kisses as my erection goes into her dark wet warmth? Or do I continue my tongue work? With my fetish…the erection can wait…if anything, it will be stronger.

My teeth release the hostage nipples and we move on…slowly past each rib, using them like steps to the belly button before dipping in there.

Now, I am a guy of course…and though my fetish involves a teasing tongue, I will let the erection play a little. I spread her legs and move between…up on my knees with her legs on either shoulder, my tongue begins to work those gorgeous feet. My erection lays just at the opening, not going in, but shifting enough that her vagina opens and begins to wet the shaft as I drag it along her labia and clitoris. The top pushes into her folds, but then slides out, eliciting a moan from her as well as her hips beginning to roll in poor attempts to capture it and take it inside.

My mouth now moves to the luscious calves…licking…caressing…massaging. Then the erection is pulled back, to her dismay, so I can do the same to those stunning thighs.

Leaning forward, my mouth finally finds the spot my erection wants into…and my tongue tastes…licks…and enters…all of her, dragging her to her first orgasm of the day. Soon pulling her kicking and screaming as my tongue tangos on her clitoris and waltzes in her pussy. Her hips drive my face deeper as though she wants more of me in there, her orgasmic moans starting to subside into after socks…

As it ends I lay my chin on her pelvis and gaze into her big eyes…”Good morning, beautiful. How did you sleep?” Her smile tells me more than any of her words will…her smile tells me the erection needs to have its way with her now…

…I did mention that was only her first orgasm of the morning, right?

This is how each day should begin…balanced breakfast for me, powerful orgasms for her…win-win.

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