Heading to Grange Park

Author’s note…The Rex is a Toronto jazz club.  My brother performed there for his CD release a few years ago that I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Really it is a little hole in the wall, but the local Jazz station, Jazz FM certainly advertises a lot of events there.

Press play

Alec kissed her with so much power it almost knocked her over.  With an arm on the wall behind her for balance, he leaned in more causing his black overcoat to wrap around her.  His matching fedora pushed back to reveal a balding hairline and his shoes that shined enough to reflect the street lights.

As their kiss broke she whispered, “I knew you’d come.”  Her hand dropped to the bulge in his black slacks.  “Is this for me?”

A snicker caught in his throat.  “Why would I not come?  …and yes, that is yours.”

Her fingers, shrouded in elbow black gloves, found the zipper on his pants and pulled it down.  “I was afraid you would not.  I was afraid you are not what I thought you were.”

“Am I?” he asked through a slight gasp as he felt her fingers wrap around his erection.

“Oh, yes…you are everything I could have hoped for.”  She pulled him down for another kiss and stroked his penis in her hand.  “So now that you have come, I want you to cum.”

Cars passed in the wet street behind, but thanks to the large overcoat, none would see what Liza was up to as she lowered into a crouch.

Alec thought back to earlier in the evening…that one fateful email from her that said two simple words, “I’m free!” It was followed with the smiley face emoticon that she used so often.

“Really?” he had answered with his own question…shocked as, after chatting on Twitter and email for two months this was the first time their schedules had actually meshed to allow them to be together.  “When?”

Her response took ten seconds…”Now.”

At first, he was completely unsure how to respond.  His mind screamed at him as it tried to run through viable ideas…where could they go to make this first meeting…finally coming together…perfect.  Without really thinking, his fingers had typed, “The Rex.  Eight…Mitchell Boggs is playing with his quartet.”

“Perfect,” was the response.

Now, after an evening listening to Mitchell Boggs’ horn and a few drinks, he stood…arm keeping balance on a brick wall in Grange Park, and the woman he had only dreamed of had his cock in her mouth…and damn, she was good.

Her tongue swirled, licked and leaped across his erection as though she had always craved it as her chew toy.

Alec rolled his head back and stretched his neck as his body swayed slightly.  His mind wandered back to walking along Queen St. West and finding The Rex.

He had walked in the door and his eyes were shocked at the sight of her.  Not at how she looked…brunette straight hair, blue eyes, hunter green blouse and black skirt with nylons and knee boots beneath…more shocked that she had beaten him there.  He had been half convinced she would not show up.  There had been a few previously planned meetings that, due to schedules, had fallen through…so to actually see her here, he could not stop the shock.

The current shock, however, was the fact that he had his left hand with a fistful of her hair and pressuring the back of her head to take his erection deeper.  He felt the tip of his penis hit the back of her mouth and try to get into her throat.

She gagged, but only slightly and kept him there before coming off for air.  A quick spit on his cock and back she went to work.

At The Rex, they had danced…Alec had no idea what they had danced or even if his rhythm was right, but they danced.  The quartet had been Mitchell’s horn, a pianist, bassist and a drummer.  That music had, in essence, left Alec and Liza making love on the dance floor as they moved together, swaying and sashaying to the slightly off-beat tempo of the smooth jazz.

During the last of their dances to one of Alec’s favorite tunes, “On the Street Where You Live”, Liza had got up on her toes and whispered into his ear, “I want to make love to you tonight.”

Alec blushed, immediately…but rebounded quickly as they finished the dance.  A quick collection of coats and paying of bills and they were out into the wet streets of Toronto…at least the rain had stopped.  They had walked north to Grange Park, exchanging their first quick kiss along the way…finding a brick wall to lean her against before a make out session that the Fonz would have been impressed by took place.

“We need somewhere more private,” Liza whispered, having released his cock again.  “I want to fuck you hard.”

A momentary thought as he zipped back up.  “The Hilton is at the corner of Richmond and University.”

“The Hilton?”

“Not good enough?”

Liza laughed.  “I figured we would go back to my place.”

“We could do that, too.”

“Where’s your car?”

“I took the subway.”

She smiled.  “So did I.  Let’s go.”

Alec did not argue.  This woman was what he would consider out of his league.

They quickly made their way to Osgoode subway station and descended the steps.  Paying their fees, they waited on the westbound platform.

The train roared in and squealed to a halt with the doors sliding open.  A quick chime and the doors…

Alec heard the front door snap shut.  He sat at the computer, still waiting for her response.

Damn, daydreaming again,” he thought.

“Dad?” a voice came from upstairs at the front door.

“Down here, Sam!”

“Okay.  Bigsley gave me math homework, so I’ll be busy.”

Alec knew this was Sam’s code for “I’m going to chat with my girlfriend online” but was not going to argue.  “Okay, let me know if you need any help.”

Sam’s foot steps hammered down the stairs.  “Sell anything today?” he asked as he walked into the rumpus room where the computer lived.

Alec could not hide the smile.  “As a matter of fact, I did.  Sold a new short story.”

Sam, like his father, was big-boned.  A plump face and natural brown curls framed his own blue eyes.  His green hoodie and blue jeans were meant to cover up some of his bulk.  “That’s great.  So we eat tonight?”

A roll of the eyes.  “That’s what the real job is for.”

“I know.  Glad you did, though.  Always puts you in a better mood.”  He turned and went back up the stairs and thumped to his own room.

Alec turned back to the screen to find the message waiting…the one he both anticipated and dreaded.

It was from Liza.  That one fateful email from her that said two simple words, “I can’t.”

“Why?” his fingers asked the keyboard.

A few moments before the response.  “Ex canceled and kids are still here.”

His heart sank in his chest.  “Of course…how can I help?”

The response was a bit longer this time.  He imagined she was dealing with two screaming children…but it finally came.  Again, two words, “You can’t.”

“Of course…how can I help?”

Liza stared at the screen and quickly typed in, “Come over, bring us pizza.”  She smiled at the words for just a moment…then erased and with a frown retyped, “You can’t.”…she whispered to the screen, “But thanks.”

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