Brat on a Wire

Press play…

“You’ll do.”  Todd circled Apple, inspecting her with his blazing blue eyes.

Apple stood still, awaiting official approval.  Her royal blue skirt hung to just above her knees and the matching blouse offered bare shoulders and cleavage.  Even her four-inch stilettos and hoop earrings matched.  Her red hair was clasped in a pony tail that was slung over her right shoulder.  “Thank you, sir.”

“I really think He has out done himself with this one.”  Todd nodded and ran his hand over his buzzed head of grey hair.  His black sports corduroy sport jacket rode up with his arm showing a shiny leather black belt holding up well fit blue jeans.  “I’m going to enjoy fucking this one.  Let’s get a drink, shall we?”

Apple slipped her arm into his and followed into the pub.  She immediately felt over dressed for the location, but mentally shrugged it off seeing that the establishment was empty.

Todd led her to a small booth near the window and helped her sit before sliding in beside her.  “Did you follow my instructions?”

“Of course,” Apple answered with a grin and lowered her hands into her lap.  “Once we order drinks, you can check.”

The only other person in the old pub was the tall and skinny waitress with long braided blonde hair that she could sit on if it came to that. Her mimic Irish kilt was a mix of grey, black and the matching red for her uniform sweater.  She walked to the table and quickly took their drink order and went off to secure the beverages.

Todd patted Apple’s leg under the table.  “Let her bring the drinks, then I’ll check.”

“But, sir…”  She grasped her skirt and pulled up until his hand was only separated from her thigh by her stocking.

Todd, without looking, slid his hand between her legs, past the top of the stockings.  “Good girl,” he whispered as he found bare pussy lips.  “Someone told me you were a brat and I figured you might chicken out.”  He slipped a finger inside her warmth.

“Absolutely not.”  She wrapped her arms around his arm, leaned in and lightly bit his earlobe.  “I’d fuck you on the table if I could.”

Three of his fingers were now soaked and inside her.  “Did you want something to eat while we’re here?”

She whispered her answer with warm breath in his ear, “Just your cock.”

“Just one drink then we will find somewhere you can.”  He could not keep the smile from his lips.  “Can I ask you an odd question?”

“Of course.”

“What kind of name is Apple?”

The waitress brought over two glasses of red wine.  “Kitchen is closed, so I hope you weren’t planning on eating.”

Todd and Apple both laughed.

A quick check of his watch.  “It is after two, so I don’t think we were expecting to eat.”

“Also, this would be ‘last call’ as they say.”

“That’s fine, we’re just having the one,” Todd assured her.

The waitress walked back to the bar and disappeared into the back.

Apple stood up quickly.  “Here,” she said and shifted her ass on to the table top while quickly pulling her skirt up.

“You brat,” Todd scolded.  A quick suck of his wet fingers and he knew he could not resist.  Pushing her further back on the table, he scooted over between her legs.  Pulling her back to the table’s edge, his lips and tongue went to work.

The waitress wandered back out into the bar area and caught sight of what was going on.  “Hey?”  She shook her head, walked to the front door and bolted it.  “You two should have at least waited until I’d locked that.”  She stepped over to the opposite side of the booth behind Apple.  Wrapping her arms around, she kissed her neck.

“Mmmm…you must be Samantha,” Apple said with a grin.

“How’d ya guess?”  Samantha laughed and opened her mouth to kiss Apple deeply.

Todd did not look up and lapped at Apple’s clitoris with his tongue, slowly working his way through the alphabet.

“You don’t mind if I fuck your man, do you?”

Slipping her hands into Apple’s blouse, Samantha gave a light squeeze to the perky breasts she found.  “Of course not…but I’m fucking you first?”

“Oh…fuck…” Apple lost herself in a spasm from Todd’s work.  “Sorry, Sam…can I call you Sam?  You were saying?”

“I have a strap-on that gets into you before his cock does.”  With a quick tug of red hair, Samantha had Apple’s hair freed from the repression that was the ponytail.

Apple growled, “Go get it…I want to ride.”

…and she did.  Todd stripped Apple to nakedness while Samantha went to the bar to get the toy and a large blanket that was spread on the floor for them to play on.  Samantha, after divesting of her own clothes, strapped on the belt with the large pink mock cock and lay on her back.  Apple playfully pushed Todd away and got off the table.  Only her stilettos still on, she lowered to her knees and straddled Samantha before lowering herself on to the appendage.

“Holy fuck, yes…” Apple groaned as the rubber slipped inside her.

Todd, at first, rest his chin on his hand and watched.  After only a moment, he stood and shed his own threads.  Dropping to his knees beside Samantha, he lowered his already half-erect penis into her mouth which she greedily accepted.

Watching the fellatio, Apple increased her own rhythm.  “When he cums, I want some of that.”

Samantha, having a mouth full of cock, grunted an answer that seemed in agreement.

“I won’t be cumming here,” Todd informed them and pulled out.

“Oh, where then?” Apple asked.

Samantha, knowing the plan, just smiled.

Todd slid on his knees behind Apple.  He placed a hand on her hip and then firmly bent her forward before reaching for a small packet in his pants still laying on the booth bench.

Apple got the clue hearing a light tear of a small packet opening.  “This is new,” she said and smiled with a clench as she felt the head of his cock push lightly at her anus.  Her eyes shut hard as she tried to relax and allow him in without pain.

Leaning forward, Todd bit her earlobe and whispered, “Just relax.”

Samantha reached up and grabbed a fistful of red hair, pulling Apple down to her for a hard kiss that distracted, relaxed, and allowed Todd to push in.

Soon all three bodies were moving in rhythm together as Apple screamed her pleasure at having the two erections inside her.  She rocked back and forth with the new sensation of being opened and probed so much.  After a few thrusts, her orgasm ripped through her like Lou Ferrigno through a shirt as he swelled up…her soprano scream built in volume.

Todd pulled back out, stood and walked behind the bar.

Apple fell off Samantha…still huffing to catch her breath.

Samantha slipped onto her side and up on to her elbow.  “But you didn’t cum?”

“I know.  She wanted a taste.”  Todd removed the condom and washed his member off, taking his time with the soap.

Samantha jumped, feeling Apple’s hands pulling at the belt and freeing the strap-on.  “What are you…?”

Without a word, Apple put the belt on herself.  Pushing Samantha onto her back, Apple spread her legs and pushed the dildo in.

Samantha moaned and wrapped her legs around the redhead, locking her ankles together to squeeze.

Todd walked around the bar again and found a chair.  It was the perfect height so he could sit and Apple, as she fucked Samantha, could take him in her mouth.

This did not take long…

Apple felt the warm cum erupt into her mouth as Todd cried out and gave her hair a good pull.  She kept her rhythm going between Samantha’s legs and, with some effort, refrained from swallowing the load.  Instead, she pulled her lips off the tip of his cock and laid forward onto Samantha…

Just as Samantha’s orgasm began to take her, she also got the taste cum as Apple shared what was in her mouth.

Todd, almost slipping out of the chair gave a low whistle.  “This is new.”




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