Duke’s Fantasy Date

Press play…

Duke stared at the computer screen and knew the cursor was mocking him.  He had intended on writing a new erotic piece with a fantasy twist to it…but the words had escaped him.

On the black twenty-four inch LCD screen hung only four words that Duke had typed:

Once upon a time

The monitor sat on a faux redwood desk made out of melamine with a matching laminate top that was ‘L’ shaped, although with its configuration against the wall it was more of a ‘U’.  The cream walls of the office were dark except for the single desk lamp with the goose neck that currently pointed up at the Star Wars poster hung above it.  Behind the desk chair hung a second poster for the film version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that was shrouded in shadows.

Four empty beer bottles on the desk had mellowed his mind as Seal’s smooth vocals flowed from the computer speakers…

…and the riders will not stop us, ’cause the only love they’ll find is paradise

Duke flipped the screen to Google Chrome and quickly pulled up his Twitter feed.

The first tweet to appear on the screen was from his friend, Rayne_Gurl.  The words were perfect and simple…

The doctor told me to spread my legs.  I’d much rather have it whispered in my ear by you.

Shifting back in his chair, Duke smiled.  The writing could wait.

Rayne_Gurl was really Amellia, a Twitter follower and reader of Duke’s material.  Unlike most of the others, she was even local, but they had not yet met.  She had the usual, big burly boyfriend that was on-again off-again.  Her fear of what could be had kept her from accepting any of Duke’s offers for dates.

Duke’s pulled up the DM and his hands flew across the keys.  “We need to meet tomorrow.”  It was more direct

The romantic feel was suddenly shattered as Neil Peart’s rendition of the old Hockey Night in Canada theme came off the iTunes.  Well, it was Saturday night and the song took his mind elsewhere quickly with the current lack of pro hockey being played, but…

He closed his brown eyes and let the drum heavy tune wash over him.

Just as it was ending, his email beeped.  Amellia was online and had responded.

The iTunes also responded by following up with a more appropriate Robert Palmer crooning “You Oughta Know By Now”.

“One never knows what might happen,” was her answer.

“That wasn’t a ‘no’.”

The responses came quickly like a flowing conversation.


Duke knew, roughly, where she lived and his alcohol numbed mind started to form a plan.  “Tomorrow I will be at the Grande Odeon Cinema.  Going to see Cloud Atlas at 1:30.  I wonder who might be there?”

“Mmmm…that is close.  Who knows?”

“Wear a skirt, stockings, and no underwear.”

“My, we are cocky, aren’t we?  I like that.”

His next response was spread over a couple…he always found the 140 characters so limiting.  “I will be at the cinema for 1:15.  Back row.  Were someone to say, sit beside me wearing a skirt, stockings and no underwear…well, she would cum.”

“Tempting.  But I can’t start something new until I’ve decided.”

“This is nothing new.  Just friends tasting friends.  It will only be fingers unless you want more, but I must taste you.”

“Friends go for coffee, not fingering ;)”

Duke smiled.  “Says who?  Be bold.”


The song changed again, to Peter Gabriel saying there is “More Than This”.

“Sleep well.  I will be at the cinema.  Consider it a playful dare.”

“I will.  Goodnight.”

He knew she wouldn’t come, but…

A day later Duke entered the Grand Odeon Cinema with his black trench coat pulled tightly around him.  Dusting the snow off his shoulders, he paid for his ticket at the wicket.  The foyer was plush burgundy walls and matching patterned carpets that currently showed tracks of slush and snow the patrons were dragging in.

The other patrons were in line at the concession with their kids.  With two “family” films playing in the other auditoriums, they were unlikely here to see the same film.  A young man of pimples squinted his eyes across the concession counter at one woman as he attempted to listen over her screaming son.  His green tunic and matching uniform ball cap were both stained with grease from a popcorn incident, no doubt.

Duke strode through the foyer, unbuttoning his coat to reveal a shirt and tie.  His salt and pepper hair was newly buzzed and his full beard freshly trimmed.  Pushing his glasses up on his nose, he entered.

The huge auditorium was empty.  It was all renovated, but with a retro flair that included curtains on either side of the large screen at the far end and red pumped fabric seats.

Climbing to the back row, Duke slid over to the middle seat.  He folded his coat on the seat beside him and sat.

It was 1:15 pm.

Andreas Vollenweider strummed his harp over the sound system as advertising slides passed across the screen from the local businesses.

The lights went down and the screen illuminated with explosions offering scenes from the upcoming fifth installment of Die Hard.

Duke felt the small bit of hope that the fantasy would come true escape him and he snuggled back into the chair to enjoy the show.  He had known Amellia would not be coming.  His stomach, however, did flip when he saw the shadow of a tall woman enter the cinema below…

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