Erotic Studies

Author’s note:  I would like to credit my friend, Eva St. James, for writing Talon’s descriptive dialogue in this story.  Find her writing here.

Talon’s big brown eyes searched his face as a grin formed.  “You really want me to answer this?”  She brushed a stray brunette hair off the shoulder of her white blouse and lay her hands in her lap on top of her crisp black skirt.

Larry nodded with his tiny glasses that made his blue eyes always look like they were squinting.  “It really is difficult for a man to describe, and my students…”

Her grin turned sly and her chin lowered.  “For your students then.”  She laid her hands, palms flat on her desk and pushed herself to stand.

Larry nodded more and his bald head gave a slight hear-say shine from the sun light reflecting off the snow on the ground outside the window of Talon’s office.  His beige jacket had the stereotypical elbow patches.  His plain white shirt, black tie and black slacks completed his ensemble.

Walking around the desk and looking out the window she watched the students wandering along the mucky paths.  Her skirt swished just above her knees.

York University was originally designed by someone from California who believed red brick and concrete slabs were visually appealing…apparently missing the point that Toronto’s north end had winter.  The design left students with long exterior walks between classes.  Due to improvements built recently, it was now better than when Talon went to school here, herself, ten years ago.

Her grin widened again as a memory of the other night with her assistant Gina and Gina’s boyfriend passed through her head.  “Okay, so you simply don’t know how to describe it to your students?”

“Well, not only that, it might help my scientific view of things.”

Talon laughed.  “For science then.”  Leaning against the window frame, she crossed arms and ankles.

Larry twisted causing the leather arm-chair to squeak beneath him.

The office was done in a beige plaster meant to mimic a Spanish style of interior design.  The east wall beside the desk was a wall of windows.  A large mahogany desk that was empty, save a few papers, was the focal point with two leather armchairs opposite.  The room screamed old-boys club.

“I have had a dick in me countless times.”

Larry’s eyes widened.  “Dick?”

“I’m sorry, penis.  Do you want my words, or you want it censored?”

A smile grew on Larry’s face.  “Your’s.”

“I’ve had dicks slipped in, shoved in…I’ve slammed down on a cock, backed up to it, guided it into myself…but I’ve never been filled.”

A bulge had already begun to form in Larry’s pants.  Obviously uncomfortable, he crossed his legs in an attempt to hide it.

Pretending to ignore it, Talon continued, “One time I was laying flat on my belly, not knowing what my lover was going to do.  So far it had been hands and fingers, his mouth and tongue.  Quite unfamiliar…unlike anything I had felt.”

“How old were you?”

Larry’s question snapped her from the memory.  “I was a student here at the time, so 19 or so.”

“I was not expecting a specific example, but please go on.”

“Then he turns me over, his touch somehow relaxing and exciting me at the same time.  His mouth is on my back, a trail of kisses creeping upward as his hands spread my legs.  Kissing my neck, his breath in my ear, and I am gone to a place where I don’t think, just feel.”


“Sorry, what?”

Larry smiled.  “I have heard it called subspace in bdsm circles.”

Her face scrunched in the thought.  “I suppose that’s a good name for it.  Now, where was I…”  She stepped from the window and shifted back in front of Larry and sat on the desk with her hands flat on each leg through her skirt.

Larry squeaked the leather again as he turned with her, keeping his legs crossed to hide the erection.

“Then,” her voice went deep and sultry, “it happened.  He, somehow, was inside me even as he continued to kiss my shoulder, my neck, and whispered wordlessly in my ear.  For the first time in my life, I was truly filled.”

“Wow,” Larry whispered.

“Can I demonstrate?”

His blue eyes showed his confusion at the question.  “Sure.”

She stood away from the desk and pulled his crossed legs apart.  Before he could complain, her hands had his zipper down, pants unbuckled and they slipped into his briefs.  She stopped suddenly.  “Are you married?”

Larry, still looking comfortably uncomfortable, started to relax.  “Widowed.  Although, this is odd as my kids are older than you are.”

She grinned.  “Tough shit, old man.”  She pulled his erection out.  “See,” she said licking her lips and eyeing his penis.  “Yes, he was big.  Even someone as inexperienced as I was knew his cock was bigger than average.  Here, I look at you and there is something to be said for average as, from behind that angle leads to deeper penetration.”

“I’m average?”

“Yes, you are,” she said with a smile before kissing the tip.  “Too big can hurt.  Remember that subspace thing, he had me there or it would have been too painful.”

“I bet.”

She stood and lifted her skirt until the flesh at the top of her stockings proved she was commando.  Straddling Larry’s lap, she kept a hand stroking his erection as she rubbed it against the lips of her pussy.  “With him, though, to be in my ear and in my pussy at the same time was something I had never experienced.  It literally took my breath away.  I didn’t expect him to be there…it was like sex changed for me in that instant.  As if I was a virgin again.  Every other time I had been entered was gone, never again to be considered.  He touched places inside me no one else ever had and has not since.”

Larry gasped.

Lifting her slim body back up, she slowly lowered herself onto Larry’s cock with a sigh.  “Oh fuck, that’s perfect.”  She began to grind her hips against him.  With a much more breathy voice, she continued, “No position was impossible.  Any way he could get inside me was our new favorite thing, but only until we found the next one.”

Larry’s hands pushed her skirt up further so they could grasp her bare hips.

“Every time he sank into me, I was surprised.  Surprised that it felt that good.  Surprised I had lived for the days between our encounters without this.  Surprised there was anything else other than him filling me, fucking me like it was what we had been burn to do.”

“Oh my God,” Larry pulled harder.

A playful slap on his chest.  “Never take the Lord’s name in vain with an atheist.  It’s a wasted effort.”

“Please,” he gasped, “go on.”

She rested her arms on his shoulders and allowed her hips to grind a bit faster.  “Inevitably, the flip side of being filled is being empty.  Just as his first entry created a space, his last withdrawal created a void.  I have not been filled since.  I have been less empty.  My pussy has been fucked and cummed in, but that feeling of being filled…of being fit perfectly…of sex that is at the end of exploration…he took that with him when he left.”

Larry groaned.

A comfortable smile blossomed feeling the first spurt of Larry’s orgasm inside her.  “Sometimes I wonder if being filled is worth the emptiness.”

Larry shuddered and slowed.

Leaning forward, Talon kissed his cheek.

“I don’t think I can tell me biology students this.”

“No?” Talon giggled and glanced out the windows.  “I wonder if any of them were watching.”  To her disappointment, there were no voyeurs in the snow.

“I just wanted you to describe how arousal felt.”

She laughed.  “Fuck you, Larry…no…wait…I think I just did.”

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