Follow Her Path

She shivered and pulled the coat tighter around her.

Late October fall had shifted the temperatures to below seasonable.  Some trees already stripped of their leaves appeared along the path as nothing more than old bones in the setting daylight.

She had followed her instructions and hurried along the path.  With her boots only up to her knees, she felt the breeze through her stockings.  Glancing around she confirmed that no one else around.

Then again, no one else would be crazy enough to be out on one of the first really nippy evenings of the season.

The bushes ahead were her destination.  A small maze of high hedges that had also begun to turn yellow.  The city had put it here hoping for it to be a family destination…not really thinking of it for activities the sort that were about to take place.

Her boots clicked on the cement path quickly.  She hoped the maze would at least help stop the breeze.  The opening welcomed and her shoulders showed her relief as, though the warmth was an illusion, the cold was more about the breeze.  Stepping slower now she took in her surroundings.  “Left,” she whispered and took the first left.  “Left,” she whispered a second time and turned again.  “Right,” she whispered once more and followed her instructions.

“Good girl,” I said as she turned into the dead-end of greenery where I awaited her.  It was a work day, so I was in my usual suit under my gunmetal grey trench coat.  I sat on a small step-ladder that I had brought with me.

Still following the instructions from my earlier text, she opened her coat and proved that all of my instructions were followed.  Outside of the garter belt holding up the top of her stockings, her pale skin was bare beneath her coat.

“Bravo,” I said with a smile.

Dropping to her knees on the knee pad I had lay out for her…we certainly did not want runs in those beautiful stockings from the cement path…her hands quickly found my zipper.

“No hands,” I reminded.  “You are not to use hands.”

Her blue eyes gazed up at me for a moment with a sly grin on her lips.  Releasing my zipper after flipping the pull tab erect, her hands spread my trench coat open.  Leaning forward she grasped the pull tab in her teeth and pulled it down.

Being I had “accidentally” forgotten to wear underwear, I made the next part easier on her than it had to be as she was quickly tip to chin with my erection.

As instructed, she sucked only the tip and her pierced tongue flicked over it inside her mouth and even attempted to push into it through the tip.

Enjoying her tongue and the metal piercing a bit too much, my hand grasped her blonde hair and tried to push deeper.  I found the right resistance, however, in that she would not allow it…as instructed.  “Good girl.”

She continued on this task for twenty minutes before allowing my penis out of her mouth.

“Stand up.”

Voices passed nearby the maze, but not in.  Her head shot around, afraid of being caught.

Stroking her hair lightly.  “No one will find us.  Now stand up.”

She did.

I kissed her forehead, she was at the perfect height so neither of us needed to bend down for this. “Bend over the ladder.”

Again, she did.

She was, unfortunately, too short to fuck while standing up.  Instead, my right hand smacked her ass…then slipped between her cheeks and into her pussy.

She moaned.

Another ass smack.  “Quiet,” I instructed before my hand returned to find her clit.  I only stopped to lick my fingers so they could delve deeper.

Her moans continued, but muffled as she covered her mouth.  It grew faster and more desperate as she neared her orgasm.  Her legs tensed as her moans turned to squeals.

I stopped.

Breathing hard, sweating, and eyes wide she propped herself up to look at me.  “Please, sir.”

I shook my head.  “Not yet.  Your orgasm will be magnificent, but not yet my love. I did not orgasm either, but we will do it together at our next meeting.”

The alarm on her face evaporated and was replaced by that sly grin.  She trusted me and knew it would be exactly as I stated.

Good girl.

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