Best Resurrection Ever!

Being Gray asked for this…(trust me, read the link first, then come back)

  • September 29, 2012

Light began to appear ahead.

What’s that?  Where am I going?  It is so nice and fucking warm here, I’m not sure I really want to go, but…

The light over took and two large hands grabbed his head like a quarterback taking the ball from his center.

Gray glared and was amazed at how young the huge man in the scrubs appeared.  That and he wanted to bite the man’s fingers because he was tugging on Gray’s head.

Come on, junior, who the fuck are you?

The man pulled harder and Gray felt the cold air take him.  He screamed out and was surprised at the high pitch of his voice.  He so wanted to kick the doctor in the nuts for this.

A giant nurse quickly wrapped him in a towel and began scrubbing him.

“It’s a boy,” the doctor said.

“Well, I’ll be,” said a second male that Gray could not yet see.

“A boy, Hamish, a boy!  It’s our Graham!”  The woman’s Scottish accent cut the quiet like a bugle.

“Graham O’Toole,” the nurse said with a smile beaming down at Gray.  She turned him to see the couple.

The man had what looked like a grey perm and full beard to match.  He was a muscular dude in a knit navy blue sweater.  His eyes sparkled of deep blue.

You, sir, should have been doing porn in the 70s…well, or Santa’s stand-in.

The woman was large.  Very large.  Her hair was jet black and eyes were nearly as dark.  “Give me my beautiful boy,” she cooed.

The voice in Gray’s head suddenly sounded a lot like Fat Bastard, Whoa, mama, give me those titties.

  • October 12, 2033

“Who is this Austin Powers guy again?”

Gray snapped a photo as he circled.  “Character from a film series in the 1990s and early 2000s.  Martha, spread your legs just a bit more.”  His Levis were black and, typical, his tee-shirt showed off the bulge of his shoulder muscles and six-pack.

Martha, the blonde, did as instructed.  Chelsea, the redhead, lay her tongue on Martha’s clit and waited for the next picture snap.  Dennis, the bald guy, kept his hands on Chelsea’s hips and waited…his erection was long gone, but the current shots did not require that visual.

“Perfect, guys, perfect.”  Gray snapped a few more shots.  “Now, Dennis, we need to get that money shot.  Can the soldier stand up again.”

Dennis was not a porn star, unlike the two fair maidens involved.  He had won a contest off of Gray’s website and his prize was this photo shoot with these two beauties.  The grin on Dennis’ face said yes, but Gray was still expecting the inexperienced stud to fail.

To Gray’s surprise, the shoot went well right down to Chelsea showing Dennis’ cum on her tongue before swallowing.

After the stars had all left, Gray sat at his computer perusing the pictures and deciding which ones were good enough.  He had about 350 and would only post about 100 of them.

“Dude,” he said.  “This is awesome.”

“You asked to be resurrected,” I said.

“Yeah, and you really did it.  And I’m in fucking porn.  Awesome.”

I laughed.  “You did ask to do cross overs with Director Jake, though.  Remember?”

His head cocked to one side as his mind’s eye looked at me.  “Yeah, what’s your point.”

“In case you’ve forgotten, Jake always had something go devastatingly wrong on his sets.”

Gray’s goatee-ed mouth dropped open and his face went pale.  “No, man…fuck, no…”

The power went out…a shower of sparks lifted from the laptop power cord.  Within two seconds, the laptop was engulfed in flame…along with the camera beside it.

Gray whimpered.

“Is this what you asked for?”  I chuckled.

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