As I was working through a piece last night, that will appear elsewhere, I was reminded of just how cathartic writing is for me.  Quite a shock, really…last night was the first time I have sat and forced myself to work since my Blackberry became a paper weight two weeks ago.

So…a quick update.  I will have my regular computer back on Tuesday (Oct 2) and should be back to some normal frequency after that.  Due to family visiting, my sitting area where my ‘puter resides has been taken up by sleeping relatives each evening for the last two weeks and, between that and the need to visit with said relatives, it has been awkward.  This, plus the aforementioned Blackberry evolution into paper weight thanks to the wonderful customer service I receive from Bell Canada (Hark!  Sarcasm!  A company I will never sign another contract with), I have been a bit off of my usual schedule.  In fact, due to my car issues, I will not be going too far anymore and I expect many an evening to be spent with my hands on the keyboard.

My trip to the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is still on…two weeks from today, actually…so when I say “I will not be going too far…” that is more in general terms.

So, what will be coming?  Beyond trying to move forward with less tech, there are a couple of things I am keying on.

  • A revamp…not of the site…for the first time, I think I am really happy with how it looks.  I feel I have exhausted concepts such as Stranded’s Awesome, so will either dump that or rethink how I am posting those.  In addition, may rethink my Gods of Atheism, going forward…really happy with that set, but feeling it needs something more.
  • My creative ego feels like it needs more…so the one thing I am most certain of is I will be producing more fiction again…something I seem to have stepped back from over the last six months or so. 
  • I have been toying with the idea of revisiting a few of my old fictional characters…Cliff, Drake and Gray…the latter of whom I was working on last night.  There are also a few stories that I began and let drift away that I may pull back in and re-work.

Regardless, the only constant is change.  I have been working on some bigger projects as well that will not likely get posted here…hoping I may actually find a way to land those on actual book store shelves (ish…with tech these days, we’ll go with “ish”).

Thanks for reading.  There is more to cum yet…yes, please read into my choice of words.

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