“Yes, Roxanne like the song.”

He offered his hand.  “Nice to meet you, Roxanne.”

She pushed her red hair back over her left shoulder before offering her own right hand to shake.  “And you are?”


“Deuce?  Like the football player?”

“You know football?  I’m even more impressed.”

“My brother is a New Orleans Saints fan, so I know Deuce McAllister.  Even got his autograph after a game once.”  She shifted slightly.

“Nice,” he said stifling a pleasant moan.  “I’m a Seahawk fan, myself.”

Roxanne shrugged.  “I like to watch, but not sure I’m a fan of any team in particular.”

His blues eyes raised a Spockian eyebrow.  “You like to watch?”

“Football, silly.”  She swatted his chest playfully before her hand fell onto his chest to play with his hair.

Deuce rubbed his face with both hands before flexing his lackluster by putting his hands under his head.  “So you know football.  You know how to put a condom on with your mouth.  What else do you do?”

Roxanne giggled and shrugged again.  “Rocket scientist.”


Her eyebrows raised.  “Actually, not kidding.  I’m going to be an astronaut one day.”

Deuce opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out.  His blue eyes showed his confusion at first.  “You’re not the usual…um…”


“Escort,” he corrected, “that I hire.”

Her green eyes pulled her lips into a smile.  “Probably not.”

“No drugs?”

“Hell no.”

“Owe money to the mafia?”

“Nope, student loans are nasty, but not sure I’d call the government mafia.”  Her left hand absently grasped his flaccid penis and began stroking it between her legs that straddled him.  The spent condom she had discarded lay on the hotel room carpet beside the bed, but she had another in the top of her thigh high boot.

“No pimp?”

“Well, not in the normal sense, no.”

His eyes asked the question without words.

“I have a friend who keeps my money for me.”

Deuce nodded.  “But he doesn’t pimp you out.”

“Well, that depends on what you mean.  He pimps me out to help me make money.  All he gets is dinner and the occasional blow job.”  With the penis now hard in her hand, she began to simply hold it and moved her mid section to brush its length with her pussy lips.

“How old are you?”

“A gentleman never asks that.”

“Who said I was a gentleman?” he asked with a laugh and his hands grasped her hips lightly.  His biggest muscle involved a beer belly, but he could easily man-handle the petite redhead.

“I’m twenty-one.”  She shimmied down his legs and pulled his erection between her breasts.

“So why do this?  Assuming you’re not lying, and I’ve no reason to think such, you’re smart and sexy…”

“I love sex,” she said with a grin and allowed her lips to kiss the tip of his cock.  “I may have an ambition of traveling the stars, but I also have a passion for getting a guy off.”  Her lips took his erection right in, this time.

“Oh fuck, yes…”  His hands matted into her hair.

Roxanne’s right hand held the penis she was sucking while the left found the new condom package in her boot.  Without missing a beat, she had the reservoir tip of the condom between her lips.  She kissed the tip of his erection again and held her teeth at just enough friction to roll the condom down his length.  She then climbed back on top of him and slowly pulled the newly sheathed cock inside her.  “So tell me,” she whispered.  “What do you do?”

“Sanitation engineer.”

Roxanne smiled, although the irony was not lost on her as she drove the garbage man to an orgasm.

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