The point in time or space at which something starts.
New or inexperienced: “a beginning gardener”.
Synonyms:start – origin – outset – commencement – inception

The start…the commencement…when rules are allowed to be broken as it is something new and we are willing to allow for changes we declared off limits previously.

Every story has a beginning. Every end is the beginning of something new. In the beginning is when one’s world is created…when one creates one’s world. In the beginning is when we overlook things we shouldn’t in the delusion that “this time will be different”.

This time, however, will not be different unless we do it differently from the beginning. Let go of our inhibitions and our unrealistic fears…our paranoia…our preconceived notions.

A never ending story can only begin once all naked truths are able to lay side by side and frolic together until they produce the offspring of happiness that so many are scared to admit they can have.

All these New Age gurus love to sell their books on finding out just how much success and happiness we deserve. How our own fears are holding us back. We only deserve what we will allow ourselves and if, in the beginning, we do not let go of all those preconceptions…we will get no further…our path will end poorly as we face Gandalf standing in front of the monster yelling “You shall not pass!”

In order to move forward…in order to pass…the beginning must be honest to our own self.

To those who say they will hurt others in order to be honest to themselves, however, I call bullshit. If they were honest to themselves in the beginning, they would not need to hurt anyone.

Yes, this post is written as I am going through a beginning. Sometimes the beginning is all you need…and for now, that is all this is…for now.

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