Confidence in Spades

My name is Bruce, by the way.  I’ve seen you around the building before.

Yeah, nice to meet you.

I work for Phillip’s Auto on the ground floor.  Mechanic.  Think my finger nails give it away.

Right?  McMorgan’s, of course.  What do you do there?

Okay…man, with all that lingerie I don’t know how the fuck you get anything done in that place.

Oh, sure, but they’re usually dressed when they bring their cars to me.  Not like your place.

What’s that?

Accountant?  Office?  Dude, you have fucking eyes, don’t you?

Are you gay?

Then don’t tell me you don’t fucking see those babes.  That’s a riot.

So, can I get the next round?  Yeah?  Cool…Hey!  Stu!  Another one for me and my com-padre here…ah…what the fuck are you drinking?

Oh, a martini and a Bud.

Yeah, so I wanted to ask you something if you don’t mind.  I suppose the classy-shit way to say it is I want to take you into my confidence or something.

I know…what the fuck does that mean.

Well, the redhead you have up there greeting the customers…

Yeah, I know you’re just the accountant, but don’t give me that shit buddy…

Is she attached?


Outstanding…you know, I would love to take that little cupcake, bend her over that front display counter and show her my appreciation for those green eyes and freckles…my eight-ball in her centre pocket, if you know what I mean.  She is so bloody tall with those gorgeous legs and that long hair…just imagine grabbing a handful of that while she grinds.

You okay, buddy?  You look a bit pale.

Well, listen, one day there I saw her changing in her car.  Slipped out of the bra and those gorgeous titties bounced free.  Oh, fuck, I wanted to guzzle milk from those beauties.  Got me a hard on the size of Florida that she needs to sit and spin on.  Give her the best fucking orgasm a woman could want.

Here, they always give extra napkins for when that happens.  Not sure I’ve seen anyone spit like that except on those sitcoms.

Anyway, where was I…oh yeah, the redhead.  She would be so hot on her knees and milking me, man.  That gorgeous mouth deserves to be wrapped around a big cock like mine.

Dude, really, what the fuck is your problem?

Your daughter?


Hey Stu!  Check, please!


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