Roleplayers, Inc.

“You be quiet.”

Samantha giggled and whispered, “Yes, sir.”  She mocked a salute and flipped her brunette bangs.  Her wink briefly covered one big brown eye.

Todd grimaced.  “They’ll fucking hear us.”

“Let them,” she answered and lifted her knees up to allow her legs to wrap around him and lock at the ankles.  She pulled him in deeper and his penetration caused a gasp of a whisper, “Fucking let them.”  Her left hand reached along his side to the small of his back, while her right combed through the bristles of his buzz cut gray hair.

“But it’s my parents,” he protested followed by his tongue embracing hers.  His hips began to increase the slow pace.

“I wouldn’t care if it was my parents.  Fuck me, you bad boy.”  She squeezed his plump body between her muscled legs.

He rolled his blue eyes.  “I don’t want to wake them.”

“Oh please, they’re probably fucking each other.”

Todd mocked shock at her.  “My parents don’t…”

Her voice dropped deep and sultry to interrupt.  “They had you, didn’t they?”


“And four brothers?  You’re mother didn’t see her feet for a while.”


“Then they’re fucking.  Shut up, quit acting like a scared teenager, and fuck me.”


She squeezed harder with her legs.  “But nothing.  You want to pretend this is your teenage years and mommy and daddy might come knock on that door?  We can stop now, and I can go back to my room.”

Todd’s eyes glassed over as he listened.

“If you want to be a man, and fuck the shit out of me, then shut the fuck up and do it.”

His eyes changed in a single blink from scared boy to confident man.  In two strokes, he was pounding into her and bruises would be found on her thighs the next morning.

“Good boy,” she whispered and kissed him again.  “Now give me that cum…”

Seven hours later…

Samantha’s eyes fluttered open and saw the sun filtering in through the blinds.  A smile unfolded feeling his breath on the back of her shoulder, his hand on her hip, and his erection pressing slowly between her legs as it searched for a home.  “Good morning.”

Todd grunted just as the tip of his erection found its goal.

Her hand slipped to his hip and she pulled him in.  “That was fun last night.”

He quickly nipped at the side of her neck and in a sleepy deep voice he answered, “Absofuckinglutely.  We need to do this more often.”

She felt his entire length pushing in from behind and gasped.  “Oh, fuck yes.”

A slow pace, this time, as neither had much energy.

Another grunt, and Tom sprayed his warm orgasm inside of her.

“So,” she said and turned back to kiss him.  “How long do we have the hotel room?”


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