Ten Minute Shag

I have ten minutes to write this and them I’m off for the evening…well, technically 13 minutes as my ride comes at 6:30…but with the army boots I wear these days, it takes me three minutes to lace up.  Same reason hockey games start at 7:05…lacing is a bitch!

However, must say, these boots do a helluva job for my ankles.

Speaking of ankles…and now my thoughts shift into a woman grabbing her’s…um…wait, I had a point here.  Never mind, if it is important, I’ll remember.

Eight minutes.

So I watched One for the Money with Katherine Heigl.  First, Mormon brain aside, Katherine Heigl is gorgeous…but dammit if she would just put on about 20-30 pounds.  Skinny makes me shiver.  It just looks unhealthy.  That, plus at my size, I’d be afraid to break her…and by break, I don’t mean how a rider breaks a horse…more in the sense of what Bane does to Batman’s back in the end of the Dark Knight comic series.  I’ve no idea how the film will go, but I expect it to follow that direction and already see myself cringing as I always do when the good guys appear to really get injured.  Like in Superman Returns, I was great until Lex Luthor stabbed that sharpened piece of Kryptonite into him…and I actually had to look away.

Funny that, typical guy, the sight of a penis penetrating a vagina is a turn on…but sharp penetrations cause me to shiver.

Three minutes.

Although The Avengers was a decent film…quite good, better than I anticipated…I expect The Dark Knight Rises to be awesome.  I still think the middle film of the Dark Knight Trilogy…The Dark Knight…should have won best picture at the Oscars.  Don’t even think it was nominated, but it really should have been.

Okay…back to the ankles…nice thought…and with another gorgeous actress who should put on about 20 pounds, Anne Hathaway, in The Dark Knight Rises…well, I think my baggage about blondes is showing again.

Blame the ex-wife.



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