Cowherd is a Snitch

Larry Cowherd sipped from his beer. “I don’t know why I keep getting these calls.”

Geddy Lee’s voice raised slightly above the low white noise of people in the pub talking, “Show me don’t tell me…”

Beth smiled lightly, her brown eyes framed by her brunette hair. “Maybe you’re just good at dealing with…” She waved her free hand as though it could provide an answer.

“With kidnapping cases where the johns involved would only want me to find the woman so they could let her do it again?”

“Well, yeah,” Beth giggled, downed her red wine and quickly waved the bar maid over for a refill.

The pub was a typical mock up of the traditional Irish or English pub. Wooden fixtures all done, in this case, in a very red cherry. Padded stools, padded booths and television screens everywhere. Larry and Beth sat in one of the padded booths that was horseshoe shaped around a round wood table.

“I mean, I want to catch her, but in a weird way she brings joy to these guys. Not like she hurts them. Other than where she leaves them, they’re willing participants. She doesn’t steal or assault them. Just leaves them in compromising positions. Not even doing this to guys she could hurt politically, or family guys to hurt their home life…she just does it for kicks and makes sure no one gets hurt.”

“But it’s illegal.”

His chubby face nodded. “Yeah, kidnapping and confinement does tend to be frowned upon by law enforcement.”

“You almost wish she would do these things to you.”

His face went red as an apple. “No, no, not at all. I…”

Beth shifted in the booth tight up against him. Her free hand slipped under the table and found his crotch. “So, Mister Police Officer. Tell me what you know.” Her fingers pinched the zipper and quietly tugged his fly open before the same hand slipped inside.

His legs spread slightly, allowing further access. “I think I’ve told you everything.” His blue eyes met her’s and, for just a moment, his narrowed. “Funny thing, they all know her as Beth.”

A snort of a laugh escaped her. “Really?”

“And they all describe her as looking a lot like you. Short slim brunette milf.”

“Oh you sweet talker, you. A milf, me?” Her hand grasped his erect penis and stroked it lightly.

“They’re also generally all pretty drunk, so a tall blonde would probably look short and brunette while all this is going on.”

“So nothing new?”

He shook his head. “As usual, no finger prints, no DNA from scratch marks. Nothing.”

She squeezed his penis. “I want this in my mouth.”

“Can I pay the bill first?” He pulled his wallet out quickly and lay two bills on the table.

“Have you told Sergeant about us?”

“Yeah, he growls with jealousy.” He pulled her hand from his pants and quickly zipped back up. “Listen. For once, why don’t we go back to my place? I love the back alley blow jobs, but I want to please you as well.”

Her eyes drifted away from him. “I can’t.”

“You’re married?”

“Ah, no.”



“Then why not?”

“Let me just swallow your cum. No questions. I just cannot spend the night with you.”


Another sigh. “I don’t know.”

“I think your married.” He stood quickly. Tempting as the back alley blow job was, he was no longer focused on that.

“Larry, listen…”

“I don’t think we can do this anymore.”

“But, Larry…”

His feet moved and quickly found the door before she could even get out of the booth. The night breeze quickly cooled his cheeks as he walked a few metres down the empty city street. Hailing a cab, he slipped inside. “Windwood and Glen Erin, please.” He then watched out the window as they passed the pub just in time to see Beth emerging from the door to look for him. Watching out the back window, it was obvious she had not seen him in the cab.

The big black doberman that was Sergeant was waiting patiently at the door when Cowherd got into his apartment. Larry grabbed the leash out of the side table drawer that was beside the front door. He dropped his cell phone on the table and took his buddy for a long walk into the night.

Four times the cell rang to the empty apartment. All four times the call display simply said “Beth”. All four times, no message was left.

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