Au Revoir to Wanton Wednesday

So, on this final Wanton Wednesday, I am two fingers deep into a glass of Canadian Club “Classic”…whatever the fuck that means.  Apparently this stuff is aged a year longer than my 11-year old daughter.  Also, one might call this something of a “Blogoversary” as I have been writing here for 18 months on this site now…almost 570 posts in that time.  As such, I’m in a good melancholy mood to go hunting for my first Wanton post.

“An image of you and of me and we’re loving it all…” – Hold Me Now, The Thompson Twins

How about a good melancholy 80s retro tune to read by?  In fact, a tune by one of my favourite musicians, Duncan Sheik…covering a classic by one of my other favourite musicians, Howard Jones.

I had every intention of writing something new tonight for the final Wanton Wednesday, but starting looking back through my old material and this went and turned into a bit of a retrospective for me.  Still remember my first tentative posting on Wanton Wednesday…roughly a year ago.  There were times where I felt I was the lone boy in the women’s club…plus the only one really not into photos that much.  Do not get me wrong, photos are fantastic from a voyeuristic point of view…even an exhibitionist point of view…just not really my thing.  In fact, a bit earlier, I had made my first venture into the Sinful Sunday set and not sure how long I will keep that up for that very reason.

“Are you cross?” – Prince Stefan to his Wingman, Cross

The written word, for me, leaves so much more room for imagination.  This is funny as I was recently told off on a dating site for my fiction being “too much based in reality” by someone…my snappy answer would have been to thank her for the compliment and wish her good luck on finding someone up to her standards…but I just chuckled and moved on.

Must admit, I really did not remember my first Wanton Wednesday post…I had to go back and look.  Now, before you all get judgemental on me and lower your glasses so you can all look over them and tap your stiletto toe on the ground with that naughty librarian look…damn…that’s a good look…even with the bun…how about some boots that come up to about here, and a blouse that comes down to here…then I can help you cum here…

“No money, no funny…” – Suki, The Great Korean Whorehouse

Sorry, I digress…and am still searching for that elusive first Wanton post I wrote.

I could go back to one of my favourites of my stories that was not for Wanton Wednesday… She Who Hesitates… although that is the expanded version and I will say that the original was a helluva lot shorter. Another one that I remember, but again was not a Wednesday post… A Story of a Giant …written about a stripper I used to know, actually..not sure I would say it is one of my better ones necessarily, but it was damned fun to write.  Another fav, however, was Who’s the Dom?  …and a spoiler alert in that the dom wasn’t in the room with them.  I did one post that, in the span of 3 days had 8,000 readers…much as I like to take the credit for an insightful piece, it is mostly as the website for the film Apollo 18 was down, but still my biggest traffic to date for a single post was for The Lunar Truth.

Funny, but of the ones I have written, I think Cross of my Wingman series is my favourite character.  Sometimes the series was explicit and other times suggestive, but he was always something of Stefan’s wise-cracking conscious.  Then again, I say “was” and I have recently returned to this and have more yet to post.  Another set I have particularly enjoyed, and keep meaning to work further on, would be my take on The Great Korean Whorehouse…Suki is a character who was invented by a friend, Base Ball (@Headway10 on Twitter) and my one mistake with this series was I made it too serious…that needs to be corrected.  My biggest traffic series, however…and it is not even close…is the one that really does not involve much creative writing but is still fascinating to me…The Gods of Atheism.

Speaking of members of The Gods of Atheism (Rush), another melancholy tune…no doubt the earlier one has finished by now…

“I never asked for a fish…” – Fifi

I also added briefly to the “Fuck Me Friday” meme with View of a Summer Storm…and I so loved writing this one.

Now…found where the Wednesday began, but they did begin with the other site, Wank Wadnesday…and I started with Practice…Practice…Practice, PLEASE!!!

And then I found it…I had no idea this particular post, posted on my brother’s 39th birthday last year…and another fav.  In fact, one of the pieces I have had the most traffic on since, called I Am Her Captain.  I remember that piece rather well, just never made the connection as my first Wanton post. My next Wanton post took a shot at a favourite film with What Do Stars Do?  Truth told, this was the closest I had come (or cum) to describing an actual event to that point…perhaps a bit of irony as not long prior I had broken up with my girlfriend that I still wrote about.  After that, Just the Once, about a cowboy meeting his lover’s husband in the wild west.  Director Jake, George Lucas wanna be, is another character I want to work further with, also appeared on Wanton Wednesday in Director Jake and the Crystal Jaw.  Another fun post was the introduction of the characters of Bette and Jake in A Normal Life…again, two characters that I am not finished with, but I suspect a rewrite on some of my more recent pieces will be in order as this set went the wrong direction for me.  Of course I nearly forgot that even one of my early characters made a Wanton appearance in A Recipe for a Turn About as Cliff with his red sweater and erotic dreams runs amuck.  One of my favourites of Wanton posts was written for a European friend that I’ve yet to (unlikely, unfortunately) to meet Story of the Black Hat.  Another fun one was To His Master’s Rescue…something about me enjoying personifying dogs.

Anyhow, enough of my dragging y’all through my memories here.  I’ve enjoyed Wanton Wednesday, and see that it looks like Wicked Wednesday may pick up next week…so we’ll see how that goes.  I do want to thank Dangerous Lilly for running the Wanton page…it has been fun, you hoser…oh wait, you aren’t Canadian, are you…damn.

Actually, one more thing…I was first paid for publishing a story back in 1996…a long time back.  I stopped writing, after that, for about 12 years…perhaps ironic that it was only after my second divorce that I started writing little bits again in 2008…and I’ve been paid a number of times since then.  Still no career, but I’m enjoying it.  As such, one final memory, as we return to the story that really kick started me back into writing when it simply made it fun again.  Here, Fifi!  That’s a good dog…such a good boy…Fishing for Compliments

To the rest of you, thanks for reading.


  1. LOL
    As I’ve mentioned before, I am part French Canadian, so I get the “hoser” reference…
    You have so many brilliant characters to draw from… this neophyte submits to you 🙂
    And hopes that you will continue…

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. *deep sigh…. So many fucking great,… and great fucking…. pieces listed here but I do have my top favourites. ‘She who hesitates’ remains to this day as my favourite piece of your writing. I loved it the first moment I read it and I still love it now. You also list my other 2 favs… ‘Summer Storm’ and ‘I am her Captain’

    I understand about the images not being your thing… but I hope you will come by to Sinful Sunday now and then… the world needs to see those beautiful blue eyes on occasion and I fairly sure that the new Wicked Wednesday over at Rebel’s Notes will tickle you fancy.

    Oh and one day I still hope to wander into my local bookshop and purchase something with your name on it… it remains my firm belief that you have it in you to get published.


  3. WOW! Almost 570 posts in 18 months? We’ve been blogging just shy of four years and we’re not quite to 500. We admire your pace.

    We’re relatively new to Wanton Wednesday, our final post being only our eighteenth. As we participate in a couple different photo memes (as well as a couple weekly photo features that are solely ours), Wanton Wednesday was our place to post a piece of short erotic fiction, or a reflection on a memorable experience we enjoyed. It was nice having an established community with which to share these posts.

    Like Rebel, we are going to have to get caught up with your previous Wanton Wednesday posts!

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