A Night At The Theatre

Movie Theater by  Rob DiCaterinoThe screen went to black, as it always did just after the adverts and before the opening credits began.

Leo looked around the near empty theatre. Other than he and his date there was only one other couple who sat about in the middle.

The music began to rise and the screen filled with the names of famous actors and directors.

As the first face appeared on the screen, a man in a ten gallon hat, Leo wondered if in some alternate universe those on the screen would be watching the crowd. He wondered if they would notice that his date, the brunette goddess Stacy, had tugged his fly down in search of her snack.

Many times Stacy had told Leo that semen was much healthier than popcorn. Leo knew better than to argue and also felt her idea was much more enjoyable for him.

The couple had seen many bad or late run films this way. Usually with characters shooting each other on the screen as Stacy licked Leo’s balls and cock.

As always, Stacy had his erection out easily and with out scratching from the zipper. She gave the other couple a quick glance to confirm privacy before running the tip of her tongue around the crown of his erection. She pushed her tongue tip into the little hole on top, gave the tip a hard wet kiss and then allowed her lips to slide down around it.

Leo reached behind the petite woman and lifted her skirt. She was short enough that his hand could play with her clit and pussy while his thumb easily pushed into her ass. Soon, all his fingers found their goal.

Stacy, with a giggle and sigh at his hand, continued her work. Due to the angle, she could not take him as deep as she normally would have liked, but she worked the rest with her fists.

For twenty minutes the couple continued, only giving passing glances to the screen, but all the while keeping a close eye on the other couple who seemed to be in a close snuggle and watching the film intently.

Stacy stopped and lifted herself to kiss Leo’s neck before whispering in his ear, “I can’t do this.”

“Oh?” Leo glanced at her with concern.

Stacy’s devious grin relaxed him. “I just need you to fuck me.” She stood and quickly reverse straddled him. Pulling her skirt up just enough as she lowered onto him, grasping his cock in one hand to aim.

Leo stifled his own moans. His hands slid beneath her sweater and each found a breast to squeeze and caress.

Stacy raised as the movie music raised, and lowered as the music lowered, slow at first, but pace quickening while keeping her silence as best as she could. Her own breathing was sigh after sigh until her orgasm shuddered through her. She kept going, even after her own climax, until she milked the cum from Leo’s cock as well.

Leo’s cum dripped to the floor from between her legs after she released him.

Folding the now flaccid erection back into his pants, Leo tugged his zipper back up.

Stacy grasped his arm and snuggled into his shoulder. “So what did we miss?”

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