Little Death in the Snow

“So Mike? Who do we have here?”

Mike stopped and put his tech case down. “Something odd about this one, Dawn.”

Dawn’s shoulder length red hair flitted about and the bottom of her long black parka whipped at her legs as snow fell sideways. In a sense, she felt it lucky this one happened close to home and she did not have to drive far down Acadia Drive to the park. However, a murder victim was the last the RCMP officer wanted to be dealing with at any time, never mind at three in the morning during a blizzard. “What, the other five haven’t been weird enough?”

“Well, yeah, but…” he was nearly yelling over the wind which whistled as it went past. His eyes shuttering open and closed as the snow flakes tried to invade his body.

“Let me guess.” Dawn glanced over at the scrawny body dangling naked from the tree. “She’s forty something, has great kids and a husband…”

“Four kids, yeah.”

“Teacher, librarian or church secretary?”

Mike attempted a grin with the snow continuing to flog his lips. “Librarian, but she was an atheist.”

“And now she is dangling from a tree after being fucked to death by the biggest cock mankind has ever seen. What’s weird about that, Mike?” Dawn’s mind shot back to Joseph in her bed when she got the call this morning. Dawn had been riding mid-orgasm herself and somehow, just from the ring, she already knew what the ring was about. She felt horrible leaving the big man in that state, but he was such a nice guy and understood about duty not only calling, but getting in the middle of a good fuck. She would have to call him later this morning and see if they could finish her orgasm.

“Well, the time is weird.”

“Time? ‘Splain yourself, nerd.”

Mike chuckled. “Time of death puts us at thirteen hours.”


“The storm didn’t start until ten last night. Thirteen hours ago it was sunny and clear.”

Dawn glanced around, much easier with her glasses playing defense against the attacking snow. “Too close to the road for this to have not been seen. Our time must be off.”

Mike shrugged.

“Or was she placed here? Dammit, man, you got me out of bed for this?”

“Georgina Devonshire, 53, mother of four and allegedly devoted wife that just celebrated her twenty-eighth anniversary with husband, Walter. Works at the library over at Southcentre and has been a model employee pretty much since they built it back in the late 70s.” Mike put his large beefy arm around her shoulders and pulled her close for some warmth as they walked towards his vehicle. “Can we talk in the van? Too fucking cold out here.”

Dawn agreed and slipped her arm around the large techie to help warm him. She got in the passenger side as Mike walked around the black vehicle and got in. “So, thoughts?”

“Who was he?”

Dawn blinked twice and smiled. “Who was who?”

Mike cocked his head, ever the father. “Please, woman, I have two teen girls at home. I can tell when I have interrupted them.”


Mike smiled. “Oh, good, you’re liking him, aren’t you.”

Rolling her eyes, she changed the subject, “Can we talk about the case?”

He sighed and the white breath filtered from his lips. “One other weird thing.”


“Her knees are dirty.”

Dawn shrugged. “Blow jobs aren’t as kinky as they once were, Mike.”

He laughed. “No, but none of the other victims had any traces of semen in their mouths. We’ll check her mouth when we get her to the lab and she may be the first to have blown the guy.”

Across Acadia Drive…

He watched the police as they wandered about the park like rats in a maze. A maze he had created but, little did they know, there was no cheese to be found. His chair was just far enough back from the window so that no one could get a glimpse of his pale skin.

He had not tried this so close to home before. Mostly he had left his prey in warehouses over near the airport, but this time he had craved a little more excitement.

He remembered Georgina’s squeal of excitement as he began tearing at her clothes. Due to the snow it seemed unlikely that the police had found her shredded clothes.

She had dropped to her knees, naked in front of him, and taken his erection in her mouth. It was the first time he had experienced such and, from his enjoyment, it would not be the last. He was not certain what would happen had she finished him with her mouth, but could not take that chance.
Instead, he had tied her wrists and dangled her from the tree. Both her wrists snapped like twigs, but considering both she and he knew where this was leading a few broken bones were not going to stop them.

He ran his brush through his long blonde hair as he continued to watch the police searching the park. A quick check of his shoulder brought a chuckle at seeing the red teeth marks.

Most screamed their pleasure of his erection entering their bodies. Skinny Georgina, however, had bitten his shoulder as she wrapped her legs around him, linking them at the ankles. Unlike previous times, his orgasm was quick…he blamed the blow job for warming him up too much. He still, however, devoured her energy as she got to an orgasm herself as well and then, as all did, willingly gave him what he needed in the snow.

They always gave it to him happily. The women all understood what he was doing and why he needed them. Plus, in return, they felt the greatest pleasure they would ever feel. It was funny that the police had only found six so far this time.

He sat bolt upright in his chair as his eyes caught the one he searched for. “There you are,” his deep voice whispered. “Officer Dawn McCoy.”

A large man, a forensics tech he guessed, had his arm around the petite redhead and was leading her to a van.
He smiled and ran his brush through his hair more. If only she knew what she was. If only these humans had not convinced her she was one of them.

She would, however, soon be with him.

His hand fell to a newly formed erection as he watched her get in the van as his mind wandered to thoughts of how it would feel to fuck her…to mate with one of the only woman on the planet he knew of that he would not kill.

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