Stranded’s Awesome: Repo!

I’m good enough with my masculinity to admit I do get a tickle from certain musicals…this week, one in particular finally got in front of my eyes.  Considering the film was made in 2008, it took awhile.

I had seen the ads for Repo! The Genetic Opera many times…Paul Sorvino is in it and I have always felt he is something of an American version of Michael Caine in adding class to whatever project he is working on.  Paris Hilton, however, was almost enough reason to not watch it…perhaps ironic, but she is even in the attached song, playing Amber Sweet from the film version of this.

Yes, there is a stage version that I really want to see now…

One minor note…much as I like showing musicals to my kids, this one will not be shown…and it is definitely not for the faint of stomach nor heart, either.  This musical film has earned its “R” rating.

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