Springtime Meadow

Lilian walked slowly through the tall grass.  The warm breath of the spring breeze pushed her brunette hair out behind her.  Her bare pale shoulders felt the kiss of the sun   The rest of her torso was covered in a tight purple tank top held on by spaghetti straps.  Her legs were barely covered by a short jean skirt.

Birds chirped their appreciation of the warmth.  Car tires wandered past the field out of sight.  The only other sound was the warm breeze that wrapped itself around everything in the field as it bustled past en route to where ever it was going.

Lillian kept walking, searching the field.  Her hands out just brushing the tips of the tall grass as she kept her slim body moving.  The mud beneath her once white sneakers splatted with each step of her long legs.

The sun dipped just behind a cloud for a quick recharge bringing shadows across the green.  It slipped out the other side quickly, however, keeping the warm day flowing.

Lillian walked more.  Her lips smiled and a giggle escaped as a stray thought amused her.  Her hazel eyes marked her path as she pushed through more of the grass.

A gray rabbit passed in front of her, causing Lillian to jump and put her hands to her breasts.

The bunny stopped and looked at her.  It gave her a sly look before wiggling its nose and moving on to its intended destination.

Her smile widened watching the bunny for a moment before it disappeared into the grass.  “What’s up, doc,” she whispered and started walking again.  “Ain’t I a stinker?”

The aroma of a near by barbecue wafted through the field and light smoke could be seen not too far away in the park to her left.

The bottom edge of the sun reached the western horizon and the blue sky began adding orange to its pallet.

Lillian giggled again, realizing how close they were.  She continued walking until her eyes found the spot.  She stopped and dropped to her knees feeling the mud squelch beneath them. She turned her face towards the sun and arched her back to enjoy the warmth.  She raised her bare arms to allow the light to completely engulf her.

“Did you wear them?” A male voice asked.

Lillian smiled and looked down before answering, “Sir, of course not.  You said not to.”  She gasped as his hands grabbed her hips and pulled her down on top of his already erect penis.

“Good girl,” he said and thrust up into her.  “Panties are never an option.”

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