Based on a true story…

“Where are we going?” Brenda asked as she accelerated the red Ford Fusion.

The street lamps slowly crept by as she and Randy looked.

“Maybe there,” he said and pointed out the window.

She laughed.  “There’s a guy smoking.  Probably a security guard.”

“Oh, sorry,” Randy adjusted his glasses.  “Wait, turn into this parking lot.”

Brenda did as instructed.

The parking lot was dark, save for a single light on a high pole behind the building.  The red brick of the building looked dark brown.  A few company vans were parked for the night, but no personal cars in the lot.

Randy smiled.  “Park on the other side of the van.”

Brenda pulled the small car left right up beside it.  “Perfect,” she purred.

“No, wait,” Randy whispered.  “Back up, just a little.”

Brenda shrugged and did.  She slipped the car into park, turned the engine off, undid her seatbelt and her hands were all over him.

Their tongues quickly danced together in a deep wet kiss as hands explored each other quickly.

“We have to be quick,” Randy explained.  “I don’t see any security cams, but one never knows.”  He tugged down the zipper on his pants, and quickly had his erection standing tall in front of him.

With a smile, Brenda grasped his hard dick and stroked him more as she continued to kiss him.  With some awkward maneuvers, she leaned past the gear shift and took the tip of his penis into her mouth.

“Wait,” Randy mumbled.  “The hood.”

Brenda came up for air.  “What about it.”

He smiled.

“We’ll need a blanket.”

Randy’s left eyebrow raised in a Spockian salute.

“Oh.”  Brenda blushed.  “Yes, sir.”

They were both out of the car and at the hood.

“Now what?” she asked.

Randy kissed her again before spinning her around.  With one hand on her waist, his other pushed on her back to bend her over.

“Oh…”  Brenda giggled.

He gathered the fabric from her skirt and lifted it.  With one quick grasp, panties were pushed aside and Randy’s erection slid into her half wet pussy…slowly at first.

Brenda gasped and lay both her palms on the hood for support.

He thrust into her quicker and quicker as he felt her wet growing.  With a flash, his hand smacked her ass sounding like a whip in the night.  He only slowed when cars approached to make sure they were not going to have to run.

“Harder,” Brenda whimpered.

Randy did so, both in thrusts and spanks.  After a few more thrusts, his cock shot his cum deep into her before he pulled out and quickly zipped back up his package.

Brenda, still whimpering, turned to him and stole more deep kisses.  “That was fun,” she hissed.

“I have yet to make you cum,” he whispered.

She giggled.  “That will be fantastic when you do.”

The couple got back into the car and were quickly back on the road.

“Well,” Randy explained, “at least now you can say you’ve done more than just give head outside.”

She lightly smacked his thigh.  “Next time we bring a blanket.”


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