I Shaved My Legs For This?

Why is it that women discussing shaving is okay…but not men?

Guys, of course would answer this question with, “I shave everyday. What’s not to talk about?” However, wrong context.

To shave one’s face is normal.

To shave one’s head is cool.

To shave one’s back is funny.

To shave one’s pubes is taboo.

Women will talk of shaving legs or arm pits, getting a bikini or a Brazilian wax…none of which guys are comfortable discussing.

Now, brutal honesty in that most (I would say all, but there are one or two who would prove this wrong) guys enjoy receiving oral sex.  One of life’s great truths…gay or straight, all men share this and unlike intercourse one could argue that oral sex on a guy is not gender specific as to who does it except in the guy’s mind.  Again, gay or straight, a blowjob will feel the same.

However, the question becomes, seeing as men do not discuss shaving of the nether region, how is it that the blower is not getting a mouth full of hair?

Is this one of life’s great mysteries…or is it simply something most men shave in shame?  Some might even keep the area completely shaved, but never a word is spoken on it.  There is even an entire side of fetish where a couple enjoys as he shaves her pubes…and she shaves his face…does this not seem unfair?

How is it that those performing blow jobs do not complain of hair in mouth more often?  Do they just keep their plight inside and go down, or do they tell the person and guilt them into shaving?

With this all said, this author is off to shave.


  1. I’m not sure that’s so, I know several of my twitter pals regularly tweet that ‘he’ has just enjoyed a shave, Mr.Beam is a shaver too (after years of my nagging him to trim) he started shaving down there regularly when I started heading for the beauticians for my wax every 5 weeks.

    I prefer to blow a hair free cock, most certainly prefer hair free balls but still like to see hair above ‘him’ but then I love a man with body hair… mmmm rugs yum!

  2. Honestly, it is not a problem for me… general hygiene is the key! like, when did you last shower thoroughly?

    I enjoy seeing that area shaved… and keep myself that way, but it’s not a deal breaker…

    ~Kazi xxx

    p.s. Professional swimmers do it without a second thought, legs and all 😉

  3. Shaved balls are a minimum for me and trimmed pubes… I do love sucking cock but I have no desire for choking on stray hairs or even the feeling of flossing while your down there. Ewww… give me shaved/neatly trimmed and I am sure you will get a much better oral action in response.


  4. Of course it’s perfectly possible for a guy to be given oral sex without the giver ever getting near the pubic hair, whereas the same cannot be said for a girl being on the receiving end. Therefore I actually think that it’s more important for a girl to shave, but only if she can do it really well.
    Going down on a girl and getting one’s lips stabbed with prickles isn’t funny.
    Having said that, I try to keep all of my little boy bits completely smooth, including my boy-cunt, because my girl likes me that way.

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