Stranded’s Awesome: The Foos

I first began paying attention to the Foo Fighters due to a song I thought they performed on the soundtrack of a chick flick that ex-wife #1 took me to.

Admittedly, Playing By Heart had a cast including Gillian Anderson, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and even Jon Stewart…so it was not really all that bad of a film in the grand scheme.  Anyhow, I digress…as I have since discovered it was not in the film.  Learning to Fly, however, is still a great tune and now I have no idea where this connection in my mind came from.

Everyone knows the usual stories of the Nirvana connection and such.  It does make one wonder had Cobain not been killed how would the history of one of the great bands of the first decade of the 20th Century been altered.  Had Dave Grohl stayed behind Kurt Cobain on stage…we would not have the music from the Foo Fighters.  Perhaps even harder to believe is that the Foo Fighters have been around for 18 years now, since 1994.

I was not a fan of Nirvana back when Nirvana was still around.  I have grown to appreciate the band more as I have gotten older.  The Foos, however, it was an immediate like.

They have a lot of good songs to choose from, but thought I would finish this post with my absolute fav tune that they have done.  I bought the In Your Honor cd at a store in Windsor, Ontario while I was there on a work trip.  Fantastic cd, but when I put in disc two and found this tune…I was outright floored and damn near wore this off the disc listening over and over all the way home.

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