Things Can Only Get Better

Just a very quick note after mentioning this in Saturday’s Awesome posting.

Took my eldest daughter, 12 year old Aurora to see Howard Jones last night…and it was AWESOME!!!

Third row seats in a tiny theatre in Oakville, Ontario.  At one point I was musing about getting tickets for the second show that is tonight, but thought better of it.

The show was quite different in that he and his “three piece band”…a drummer and a second keyboard player who was also in charge of sequencing and voice effects…played through every song on his first two albums, “Human’s Lib” and “Dream Into Action”.  As he put it, about half way through the “Dream Into Action” set, he could not have played them in order as all the hits were at the beginning of the album and…he half pointed at my daughter who was nodding off…he would have put us to sleep at the end.  I don’t think he was actually pointed at her, but it seemed like it.  However, then he started into his hits and suddenly everyone was on their feet dancing through his finale, “Like to Get to Know You Well” and the Encore, “Things Can Only Get Better”.

Just a fantastic night, all around.

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