Uncle John

A real mixed bag today.

Tonight, as mentioned previously, is the big date. Taking my daughter to see one of the musicians I grew up on, Howard Jones. Her performs tonight in Oakville, Ontario. He always puts on a great show and this will be the fourth time I get to enjoy his performance.

On the flip side, however, my Uncle John…my mom”s older brother went through eleven hours of surgery yesterday to try and clean out his second bout of throat cancer. He will never speak again as his voice box has been, for the most part, removed.

He is only 65, and I could not fathom what he is dealing with…what his wife and kids are dealing with, even.

In one degree, this is self inflicted through his smoking and drinking too much. Being a radical non-smoker, there is part of me that has those ugly words “told you so” rolling around.

However, when I was first divorced, Uncle John was the only family member who I felt I could lean on. He had been there. Did not do it often, but knew I could talk to him about things. When I was 16 he gave me the family watch that had come from one of his uncles…said watch I have since gave back so Uncle John’s son could have it when he turned 16 about five years ago.

Suffice to say, I have a connection to the man that has been quiet, but there.

In one sense I want him to survive so I can talk with him again. In another, I think he has suffered too much.

Mixed bag, indeed.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle John. I’m sure it is not pleasant for him, and he is probably aware every day of what brought him to that state. I can relate; Taz’s father experienced similar consequences of that lifestyle, only in his case it was pancreatic cancer and it took him.

    I hope at least the concert with your daughter was enjoyable!

    ~Kazi xxx


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